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UW-Stout’s Zuerlein recognized with December University Staff Employee Appreciation award

COLFAX’S Ann Zuerlein, left, receives the December University Staff Employee Appreciation award from Chancellor Katherine Frank. —photo submitted

Menomonie, Wis. — Ann Zuerlein has received the University Staff Employee Appreciation award for December at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Zuerlein, from Colfax, is a food service assistant and has worked in University Dining Services for 25 years, including currently in the Blue Devil Market in the Memorial Student Center.

The person nominating Zuerlein stated: “Ann has been a staple of Dining Services since I was a student here. She continues to be a legend. She is hands down the pizza queen, and the students love to get trained by the queen on pizzas. That may not sound like a big deal, but when they learn her ways and she compliments their pizzas, you can just see how accomplished they feel.

“Ann has high standards and expects people to meet these standards. At times it might seem frustrating to anyone learning, but when people are held to a higher standard it pushes them to do better and when they hit that bar it gives them a huge sense of accomplishment. This is exactly the guidance young adults need at this stage of life. Ann is also highly organized and strategic in how she runs the Blue Devil Market. From keeping her holiday orders organized to keeping the area in tip-top shape, she never skips a beat.

“When graduation rolls around, it is always really cool to see the amount of student workers who visit Ann one last time to get a photo with her or even introduce her to their families. What an impact she must make in their lives. Employees like Ann are priceless as you can train people to do just about any task, but you cannot train people how to form that connection with the young adults. Ann has a positive attitude toward customers as well as peers. I would say her big strengths are in customer service; she is always going above and beyond to help customers. That sort of drive for customer service is contagious as it spreads to co-workers. She is a one-of-a-kind person who brings us an extraordinary work ethic and solid leadership skills.”

Each employee of the month receives a certificate of recognition and a gift presented by Chancellor Katherine Frank.

Students, faculty and staff may nominate university staff members who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and the university community.

The award, in its 17th year, was established by the Chancellor’s Office and is co-sponsored by the University Staff Senate.

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