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Two candidates file nomination papers for 4 positions on Colfax Village Board

By LeAnn R. Ralph 

COLFAX — Two candidates have filed nomination papers for four positions on the Colfax Village Board in the April 4 election, and one of those candidates has filed for two positions.

The positions held by incumbents Jody Albricht (village president), Jeff Prince (trustee), Margaret Burcham (trustee) and Jen Rud (trustee) are up for election.

Prince and Burcham filed nomination papers for the trustee positions by the deadline of 5 p.m. Tuesday, January 3.

Prince also filed nominations papers for the village president position.

Albricht, the incumbent village president, filed a declaration of non-candidacy by the deadline of 5 p.m. December 24. 

Rud did not file either a declaration of non-candidacy or nomination papers.

According to state law, in order for votes to count for write-in candidates, the candidates must register with the village clerk by the deadline, which is March 31, the Friday before the April 4 election.

If there are positions on the village board for which there are no candidates on the ballot or no write-in candidates who have filed a declaration of intent to run as a write-in candidate, the village board has the option of soliciting letters of interest for the open positions and can then appoint someone to any open positions not filled by the election.

The village board also has the option of leaving any positions open until the next election for those positions.

Village trustees serve two-year terms.

Albricht has served one term as village president.

In addition to Albricht, Burcham, Prince and Rud, Village Trustees Carey Davis, Anne Jenson and Gary Stene serve on the Colfax Village Board.

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