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Colfax athletes do well at Scholastic Action Shooting Program Nationals

MEMBERS of the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club’s Scholastic Action Shooting Team pause for a photo during the Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Match at the Cardinal Shooting Center, Marengo, Ohio. They are (from left) Kyle Weller, Alex Johnson, assistant coach Lance Johnson, assistant coach Jason Weller, Breanne Houle, Eleanor Doyle, Edward Doyle, Allison Raddenbach, Camilla Doyle, Evelyn Doyle, and head coach Jim Nosker. —photo submitted

MARENGO, OHIO — Colfax Sportsmen’s Club’s Scholastic Action Shooting Team returned from the Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Matches in Marengo, Ohio with a trophy and several individual medals.

Thanks to solid performances by all four of its members, the team’s Open Squad claimed the second-place National trophy in Pistol Caliber Carbine, reported Jim Nosker, head coach. Squad members are Kyle Weller of Hayward, Evelyn Doyle of Elk Mound, Alex Johnson of Weston, and Allison Raddenbach of Weston.

Weller claimed third place, Men’s, Varsity/Jr. Varsity, Optics Rifle. Optics rifle is shot with .22 rimfire auto-loading rifles.

He was also third in Men’s, Varsity/Jr. Varsity, iron sighted rimfire pistol, shot with an auto-loading .22 pistol.

Raddenbach claimed first in the nation, Ladies’, Intermediate/Entry Level, Optic Sighted Rimfire Pistol.

She also captured third, Ladies’, Intermediate/Entry Level, pistol caliber carbine. That event is shot with a carbine length rifle, chambered for a pistol cartridge, with 9mm being the most common chambering.  

Raddenbach also took third, Ladies’, Intermediate/Entry Level, Optics Rifle.

By pocketing three individual medals at the same national match, Raddenbach became the Colfax team’s top individual national medal winner of all time.

Alex Johnson was the third Colfax athlete to claim an individual medal. He won first place, pistol caliber carbine, Men’s, Intermediate/Entry Level. In doing so, he proved that last year’s first place in the same event, but shooting in the Rookie class, wasn’t a fluke.

Colfax’ Rookie Squad faced a setback when Camilla Doyle suffered an eye injury the night before they competed and had to withdraw. That left her fellow squad members Eleanor Doyle, Breanne Houle and Edward Doyle partnered with a ghost score, which potentially cost the squad about 70 seconds. As it is, they came in ninth, with several other squads below them.

Over the previous seven years of competition, the Colfax team has been hovering around the middle of the pack overall. This year they improved on that, according to Nosker. The open squad finished sixth out of 21 entries in iron sighted rifle; fifth out of 25 entries in optic sighted rifle; sixth out of 12 entries in optic sighted pistol; and sixth out of 16 in iron sighted pistol.

This match is the first the Colfax team has come home both with so many national medalists and so many individual performance national medals, Nosker said.

He explained there were over 2,200 entries in this year’s match, making it the largest steel shooting competition in world history. Those 2,200 entries competed for 186 individual medals. Colfax attended with eight athletes and returned with six of those medals, or three percent of the total awarded.

Nosker said the team always welcomes new athletes, from first through 12th grades. During it’s September 10 organizational meeting for the new competitive season, the team will be hosting an open house at the Colfax/Dunn County Shooting Sports Complex. That event will be for any grade school aged youth, and their parents, who want to find out more about the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. More detailed information on the open house will be available in a few weeks, he concluded.

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