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Glenhaven Happenings 5-25-22

May 14-20, 2022

Sometimes, I wish time would slow down. Here we are in the middle of May already, another month almost gone, and I’m wondering how fast the summer will be here and done. 

This past week, the residents had lots to occupy their time. It started on Sunday evening with a visit from the Mennonites. Their singing brings much joy to all our residents, and they are gracious enough to accommodate our residents in Glenhaven as well as Grand Oaks and Havenwood.

Monday morning began with exercises. Stretching and gross motor skills use were the main focus. Afterwards, we enjoyed coffee and chatting about the weekend. Then, it was Name That Tune time! The residents love when we play this. And, they were very good at knowing the artist and song titles (well, kind of). Of course, we played for quarters and chocolates to make things a bit more competitive.

Monday afternoon, we made kites. This craft project was a bit trickier than some because of the delicate tissue paper used for the kite material and the fine motor skills needed for building the spine and ribs of the kite as well as threading the kite string in place. However, our residents made the most of it and the kites turned out great! Our plan was to use them on Tuesday, but the lack of wind thwarted that idea.

So, instead, Tuesday we gardened. Penny, the daughter to Norman, donated a flat of flowers and potting soil for the flower beds in the courtyard outside Households D & E. With the sun shining and the weather pleasant, we filled the beds and pots. Everyone enjoyed getting their hands in the soil and just soaking up the warm sunshine. Cherrie even decided to lie amongst the dandelions because it felt so good. 

Wednesday we had hair and nails day in the morning and BINGO in the afternoon. During coffee time, we visited about the deer family that plays in the field behind the courtyard of Household D & E. Beverlye said she hasn’t seen much of them since the fawns were running around. Though she liked watching the little ones play, the older ones would try and steal her bird food from the feeder outside her window. She told a funny story about the time she caught one eating from the feeder. She tried to shoo it away, but the deer turned and looked right at her. “We were just staring at each other! Those eyes! That’s what I remember were those eyes looked right at me and he wasn’t afraid. He was so close I thought he would come through the window. Then, he went right on eating the bird food!”

Thursday morning started with Breakfast Trivia: Music Edition. Both Households did extremely well and were very knowledgeable about the topic. So far, it is an even playing field for the month to date. For exercise, we utilized the parachute to work on arm and upper body strength. I forgot how HUGE the parachute was and underestimated how much room we should have had. Coffee time followed with “Today In…” (a new activity that highlights silly, important or historical happenings on whatever particular date in history). Some events were remembered, others not so much; however, the residents seemed to like the information. 

Thursday afternoon proved to be interesting. Storms and hail and sirens, oh my! We made it through the storm, and so did our flowers. Phwew!

Friday was a low-key day. After the excitement from yesterday and the dreariness of the weather, our residents preferred to relax. We did exercise with the beach ball and had a few laughs. Over coffee, we discussed the movie for the day. Everyone was excited for popcorn and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Next week should be another fun-filled, activity laden week. Graduations, Memorial Day Weekend (the unofficial start to summer!) and our monthly birthday party are some of the things to look forward to. And, somewhere in there, we must try out our kites.

Hope you all have a great week.

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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