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Havenwood Scoop 5-11-2022

Well, I started writing my article and my pen broke, so now that I got a different one I can proceed (should have stolen it in the first place.) The week started out with exercises. After the weekend the fun and games start. Actually we have a few tenants that enjoy doing them. Something I could never understand. Different strokes for different folks. Wednesday we did a fun birdhouse project. We got to select a style of the house and then paint it. If I was a bird I’d have a hard time choosing because they all were very eye appealing. We got keep it too. Thursday was beauty shop day. A day a lot of folks look forward to. Jennifer does a good job and it’s nice she comes to us.  Friday stands for Bingo Day around here. Everyone participates and waits for it all week long. And of course Saturday was the 148th Kentucky Derby race. So pour yourself a mint julep and let’s learn a little bit about it. The race is held in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May every year. It was first held in 1875 so it has been a long standing tradition. It is held in the horse complex called Churchill Downs. Have you ever been there? The race is also called The Run for the Roses as the winner gets a garland comprised of 554 roses. The horses are three year old thoroughbreds, the distance run is 1.25 miles lasting a total of two minutes. A lot of hoopla for just two minutes! But hey the trophy is 14 carat gold so it’s probably worth it, right? The largest number of attendees was 170,513 in 2015 so it’s a big drawing card for Kentucky. So I hope you learned something about the Derby. I myself am a hat watcher at this event. If you watched it this year, it was a big upset. Speaking of upset I better stop now as I believe I have had too many mint juleps—Sorry!

~Lois M. Kilde

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