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Tree Seedlings Still Available For Spring 2022

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is still accepting orders for the remaining tree seedlings to be planted this spring.

Planting seedlings from state nurseries is a great way to celebrate Arbor Day (April 29, 2022) which is dedicated to increasing the number of trees across the country to help improve the environment.

In 2021, Gov. Tony Evers signed an Executive Order pledging to protect and restore Wisconsin’s forestland by planting 75 million trees by 2030 as part of the U.S. Chapter of the Global Trillion Trees Initiative. By ordering seedlings, you can help.

“Trees provide a variety of benefits to both people and the planet. They give off oxygen, trap carbon dioxide, feed and provide shelter for furry forest creatures and provide materials to build a variety of essential household items,” said Heather Berklund, DNR Chief State Forester.

Wisconsin state nurseries have 1- and 2-year-old Red Oak, 1-year-old jack pine, 1-year-old black walnut, 2-year-old Red Pine, and 2-year-old Black Spruce available for purchase.

All seedlings are grown at the Wilson State Nursery in Boscobel and are well suited to their native Wisconsin soil. The minimum seedling order includes a packet of 300 seedlings in 100 count increments of selected species, 500 shrubs or 1,000 tree seedlings.

These seedlings must be planted in Wisconsin and are to be used in reforestation efforts, creating wildlife habitat, controlling erosion or constructing natural windbreaks.

For information on seedling availability or place an order, contact our nursery hotline at 715-424-3700.

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