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Colfax High School inducts 25 new members into National Honor Society

By LeAnn R. Ralph 

COLFAX — The Colfax High School chapter of the National Honor Society held an induction ceremony for 25 new members on Wednesday evening, March 30, in the Martin Anderson Gymnasium.

Officers for the National Honor Society chapter at Colfax are Emilee Burcham-Scofield, president; Madison Barstad, vice president; Jasmine Best, treasurer; and Jillian Bowe, secretary.

NHS member Austin Swanson welcomed friends and family members to the ceremony.

Ryan Albricht introduced the current members, and Alana Smith spoke about the requirements for NHS.

Mariah Smith talked about the founding of NHS, and Catherine Zons spoke about what it means to be in the National Honor Society.

Emilee Burcham-Scofield presided over the induction of new members, while Jenna Goodell spoke about character, Jarod Loew spoke about scholarship, Madison Barstad spoke about leadership, and Jasmine Best spoke about service.

Jillian Bowe presided over the pledge for National Honor Society.

Alex Swanson gave the closing for the ceremony.

Jan Fehr, Colfax High School secretary, produced the National Honor Society certificates.

Luke Blanchard, Bryce Sikora and Taylor Risler designed and printed the programs.

Bruce Fransway and the Colfax food service staff made the desserts for the reception afterwards.

Advisors for the Colfax High School chapter of the National Honor Society are Nichelle Wollberg (CHS biology teacher), Tim Devine (CHS alternative education/GEDO interventionist), Jennifer Steinke (CHS math teacher), Michael Dombrowski (CHS social studies teacher) and Emily Krause (CHS English teacher).

Colfax High School seniors who are members of NHS include Ryan Albricht, Madison Barstad, Jasmine Best, Luke Blanchard, Jillian Bowe, Emilee Burcham-Scofield, Jenna Goodell, Jarod Loew, Taylor Risler, Bryce Sikora, Alana Smith, Mariah Smith, Austin Swanson, Alex Swanson and Catherine Zons.

Colfax High School juniors who are members of NHS include Maci Harvey, Molly Heidorn, Kyle Irwin, Nicolaus Jensen, Paige Jensen, Braden Kiekhafer, David Lyrek, Mitchell Medin, Ella Peterson, Kaitlyn Scharlau, Naoki Sekiguchi, Rachel Shipley and Ashton Yarrington.

New inductees to the Colfax High School National Honor Society include Audrey Ackerlund, Connor Albricht, Jada Anderson, Jaycey Bowe, Kiah Christianson, Christian Ebert, Jeanette Hydukovich, Reese Johnson, Meadow Keltner, Gabriel Loew, Danielle McRoberts, Brook Perry, Eli Ralph, Jaida Riley, Alexis Schindler, Allison Schmitt, Amelia Schmitt, Josie Seehaver, Kennedy Shane, McKenna Shipman, Ashley Solberg, Anna Steinbach, Kelly Turner, Amy Wenzel and Mason Yarrington.

NEW INDUCTEES TO THE COLFAX CHAPTER OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, first row from left: Amelia Schmitt, Audrey Ackerlund, Danielle McRoberts, Jaida Riley and Kelly Turner. Second row from left: Anna Steinbach, Ashley Solberg, McKenna Shipman, Amy Wenzel, Brook Perry, Jada Anderson, Connor Albricht, Mason Yarrington, Meadow Keltner and Kiah Christianson. Third row from left: Allison Schmitt, Kennedy Shane, Josie Seehaver, Alexis Schindler, Jeanette Hydukovich, Gabriel Loew, Eli Ralph and Reese Johnson. Missing from the photo are Jaycey Bowe and Christian Ebert. — Photo by LeAnn R. Ralph

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