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Glenhaven Happenings 3-30-22

March 19th- 25th, 2022

Time keeps marching on, doesn’t it? Not long ago I was reminiscing about spring and here we are. One quarter of the year already done and dusted. For our residents, time is of the essence. Each birthday becomes celebratory just because they made it through the last 365 days. As family and friends, our time with them becomes more precious and bittersweet as we do not know if we will get another year. 

This past week we celebrated many birthdays: David, Emma and Christine.

Monday we began with exercise. Gentle stretching and some isokinetic exercises. Then, Marian wanted to play “Marian in the Middle.” What a fun way to begin our week. We enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate while we played Hangman. David was our big winner.

Monday afternoon we celebrated David, Emma, and Christine’s birthdays. There were vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, ice cream, coffee and balloons. What a great turn out! It was very nice to see everyone together and having a grand time. Of course, I instigated a balloon war. Our CNAs got involved too. You are never too old to have a balloon war.

Tuesday we did Breakfast Trivia. The theme was Famous Faces and not very successful. Cherrie got the most correct answers. That gave the lead back to Household E. Afterwards, we exercised by doing the Hokey Pokey. Boyceville Methodist gave a warm sermon, while Patsy played the piano.

In the afternoon, for our travel series, we went to the lovely English countryside. The residents really like watching these documentaries. The scenes were spectacular; gardens, cottages, quaint hamlets. Our chef, Alex, also contributed to our Travel day by making Bangers and Mash (brats and mashed potatoes), a traditional English pub fare, for lunch.

Wednesday was Spa Day and BINGO! Christine was our elite winner. The BINGO gods blessed her for her birthday, we joked. Afterwards, we visited over hot chocolate and Girl Scout cookies. 

Thursday’s weather made for a gloomy day, but the bright spots were Breakfast Trivia and exercise. Trivia was all about cartoons. I think the residents got more of a kick out of me trying to impersonate Tweety Bird than I did with their answers. Oh well, it was all for a laugh anyway. Household E holds their lead.

Friday was International Waffle Day and I made waffles! Homemade Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Residents and staff all devoured them. We, then, had to exercise. But, with full bellies, not many came to participate. Understandable! In the afternoon, I made popcorn while the residents watched Silverado.

On Friday, we said good bye and good luck to our friend, Jen Perrin. She said the transition is bittersweet, as all things are when they end. To you, Jen, we toast to your future endeavors. Salud!

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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