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Havenwood Scoop 3-16-2022

Greetings my loyal readership. I hope all is well with you and yours. We had a special musical guest singer, John Lynch who used to sing with The Memories from Boyceville. He put on a nice show and he sang songs from different decades. One was from the 70s. Speaking of the 70s, who used to beg customers “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin?” If you guessed Mr. Whipple you are correct. Do you remember which toy answered questions like “It is certain” or “Reply hazy try again?” You are right, it was the Magic 8 Ball. Our family used to have one of these, it was a hand held slide viewer that allowed us to look at 3D images inserted in paper disks. It was the View-Master. Another thing from the 70s was a sound system that required the use of large tape cartridges. It was the 8 track tape player. Do any of you remember the mood ring? It was the first piece of jewelry that included liquid crystal display technology. I know I had to have one. Which popular 70s carpet had long fibers and was used to cover everything from floors to van interiors. You got it, shag carpeting. Platforms was the name of the fashion footwear that had an average of 2 to 5 inch thick solid soles. People used phrases like the “10-4 good buddy” when communicating on which radio system? The CB radio. What was the name of the wide-legged denim pants that were so popular in the 70s? Bell bottoms. I wore those too. Back to footwear, what was the name of the 70s shoe line that featured heels that were lower than the rest of the heels? Earth shoes. And finally which inanimate “pet” reached its peak popularity during the 70s? It was the pet rock. I also toured Europe in the 70s wearing my bell bottoms and Earth shoes and I have pictures to prove it. I traveled to 13 countries in 3 weeks by train. It was the thing for students to do back then and I’m glad I was one of them. But then that’s another story in itself. 

Fast forwarding to 2022 we finished the week with more exercises, volleyball and of course our beloved bingo on Friday. I wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Irish or not!

Lois Kilde

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