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Glenhaven Happenings 3-16-2022

March 5th- March 11th

March sure has the strangest weather. It can be unseasonably warm one minute and then an ice storm can turn your driveway into a skating rink. Or, it can be seasonable, fooling us into thinking maybe spring isn’t too far away; when out of nowhere, a blizzard dumps 9-12 inches of heavy, wet snow on us. True, this has happened in April as well, but March seems to be the month of all seasons.

As our residents sat looking longingly out the windows at the bright sun and azure skies, watching the deer frolic and waiting for the robins to return, one could only hope that warmer days are coming. 

So began another week…

Monday was exercise and Hangman during coffee time. We talked about the weather, of course. Everyone was in much need of some good stretching after the dreary weekend. In the afternoon, we played Balloon Volleyball. I had never played it up to this point, but I wanted to do something silly and fun. Balloons are always fun; volleying balloons with giant fly swatters was more fun. What a blast! Cherrie and David got into a spiking match until Marian took the balloon. Beverlye and Donna were just trying to keep the balloon in the air. Diane (CNA) jumped in to help out the guys as I was taking pictures of the raucous event. After shaking hands, we snacked on homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and coffee. Thanks Betty!

Our Program Director for PT/OT, Abbey, hosted exercise on Tuesday. Holy Cross came to visit and preached the Good Word to our residents. Pastor Jonathon does an amazing job and he is so nice to everyone. Our good friend, John Lynch, sang for us in the afternoon. I think he has his own groupies residing here. 

BINGO and hair on Wednesday were the main activities. After BINGO, we visited around the dining tables and enjoyed Girl Scout Cookies. Thank you, Kate for bringing them in and also to your daughter for selling them. Note to self: Peanut Butter Patties: fan favorite!

Thursday started with Breakfast Trivia. This week’s topic was proverbs. Such a great response from all who participated. Willard had the best guesses though. He was spot on for most of them, but there were a few he did not know. “The best things in life are…” Willard said, “kids.” Can you even fault him for that answer? My personal favorite was, “You can’t judge a book by it’s…” Willard answered, “editors.” 

Thursday afternoon we had a fishing derby. Donna was the big kahuna with the most caught. 

To end our week on a cold, frigid day, we watched Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. Of course I made popcorn and we set up the living area to look like a theater. In the morning, we did our exercise by swatting the balloon back and forth. Also, the Catholic church held mass for our Catholic residents, which always makes them feel good afterwards. 

Next week, the temps look to be more promising. Somewhere deep down inside, I feel another snowstorm is going to spring on us. Basketball is not the only reason they call it March Madness!

Have a great week and may you see the robins soon.

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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