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Glenhaven News 1-19-2022

Glenhaven News:

January 8th – 14th

Happy Birthday, Elvis! Gone, but not forgotten; music that invokes wonderful memories.

This past week we started our Breakfast Trivia competition between our Glenhaven neighborhoods. This will be a month long competition and whoever wins gets the Trivia Trophy and bragging rights. Currently, the standings are “D” household has a slight lead. I just know it will be a close call.

Monday we had a craft project. We made wooden snowflakes. A bit ambitious for the time allotted, but fun nonetheless. What I enjoy the most from arts and craft projects with the residents are the stories told. For me, growing up in Connecticut and on Navy bases, farm life and country living in their time was unfathomable. To hear them talk about this, that and the other things they did with such reverence really warms my heart.

Tuesday, we had Pastor Jonathon from Holy Cross perform a small service for his parishioners and welcomed newcomers too. In the afternoon, we played Name That Tune, Elvis Edition. What an amazingly fun time we had! I have to say, though the object was to name the song every one of the participants knew the words to most of the songs. I’m thinking Karaoke needs to be on our calendar.

On Wednesday, our Administrator’s daughter, Megan, visited to make a TikTok video to encourage applicants to apply here. She brought with her, Basil, an adorable 9 week old German Short-haired Pointer. Puppy excitement=resident excitement. Basil met EVERYONE! And, everyone loved Basil. Check out the video on TikTok and our Facebook page.

Of course, we had BINGO. Some Grand Oaks residents came upstairs to join Glenhaven residents. Always the highlight of the day when old friends get to visit, win prizes and laugh.

We ended the week with popcorn and The Wizard of Oz. One of our trivia questions was: In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion have to cross a field of what to get to the Emerald City to see the Wizard? A field of sunflowers or poppies? Do you know? Our residents did not remember so we watched to refresh our memories. (poppies).

Until next time, stay warm my friends.

Sandy Wilsnach,

Activity Director

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