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Adopt a kiosk or carcass disposal dumpster this deer season

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking the public to help monitor and slow the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) this deer season.

Chronic wasting disease is a fatal, infectious nervous system disease found in the deer family. The DNR began monitoring the state’s wild white-tailed deer population for CWD in 1999. The first positives were found in 2002.

For the past four years, individuals and organizations around the state have partnered with the DNR to place self-service kiosks and deer carcass disposal dumpsters out for hunters. This year, the Adopt-a-Kiosk and Adopt-a-Dumpster programs are looking for more volunteers to bring convenient CWD testing and proper deer carcass disposal options for hunters across Wisconsin.

“We know many Wisconsinites are looking to provide CWD services in their local areas. The original idea for Adopt-a-Dumpster came from hunters themselves. We then launched Adopt-a-Kiosk to provide even more opportunities to get involved,” said Amanda Kamps, DNR Wildlife Health Conservation Specialist. “Both programs give more hunters convenient opportunities to participate in CWD management around the state.”

Adopt-a-Dumpster partners can either donate the full cost of a dumpster or participate in the DNR’s cost-sharing program. The cost-sharing program ensures that after receiving DNR reimbursements, partners will not pay more than $500 for their share. In most counties, cost-sharing is available for up to three locations.

Find out more on our website about how you or your organization can get involved with Adopt-a-Kiosk or Adopt-a-Dumpster this year.

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