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Chance of wildfires now rated low by DNR

As of Monday afternoon, April 12 the Department of Natural Resources has rated this area of Wisconsin as low for Wildfires. This rating follows several days of rain and low temperatures.

The northern two-thirds of the state, the Department of Natural Resources has now rated the wildfire danger as low, while the southern third of the state is rated moderate.

According to the DNR “debris burning is the number one cause of wildfires in Wisconsin. Using fire as a method to dispose of vegetative yard waste isn’t the only option. While debris burning is legal in most places, let’s face it; its unsafe, unhealthy and a nuisance. If you choose to burn, follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are burning safely.”

Before burning

• Find alternatives to burning debris before deciding to burn.

• Obtain proper burn permits and follow restrictions.

• Comply with local ordinances that may be more restrictive that state law. Be sure to contact your local fire department and the communication center in your county.

• Make certain you are only burning legal materials.

• Keep an eye on the weather and avoid burning under windy conditions.

• Make certain the area adjacent to the fire is free of all flammables.

During burning

• Have a water source and firefighter tools handy.

• Keep the size of the fire small and manageable.

• Maintain a mineral soil firebreak around the burn area.

• Never leave your fire unattended.

• If weather conditions change for the worse, put the fire out.

• If the fire escapes, dial 911 immediately!

After burning

• Make sure the burn is completely our before leaving.

• Keep lots of water, drown, stir and repeat until cold.

• Go back and check again later for any remaining smoke or embers.

• A fun fact is to use the cold ashes from your burn as a bed for your garden. It makes a great fertilizer.

What can be burned?

According to the DNR, this list of material is permitted to be burned:

• Brush, leaves, pine needles, grass, clean wood, unrecyclable paper and unrecyclable cardboard. But check because recycling of clean paper and cardboard is required by law.

What is not allowed to be burned!

• Garbage, plastics, shingles, foam, structures, furniture, wire, metal, electronics, vinyl products, rubber products, oil-based products, painted, stained or treated wood.

To contact the DNR about burning permits or burning restrictions contact: (keyword “fire”) or call 1-888-wis-burn (947-2876).

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