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Town of Stanton Chairman Candidate: Tim Mittlestadt


Tim Mittlestadt is challenging incumbent Bob Anderson for the chairmanship of the Town of Stanton (Dunn County) Board.

Mittlestadt, age 36 and single, is the owner of Mittlestadt Plumbing and Wells, LLC and Bowman Plumbing, LLC.

He has some previous political experience on the local level having served as a supervisor on the Stanton Town Board a decade ago.

Below are Mittlestadt’s answers to a questionnaire sent out by the Tribune Press Reporter. Candidates were asked to try and limit each of their responses to 100 words or less.

What experience do you have as an elected official or what experience do you have in leadership positions?

I ran for Stanton township Supervisor position when I was 25 years old. I served a -year term under that position. As for leadership experience, I experience that daily with running two companies. Customers call with issues and I listen to them to help them out and fix the issues.

Why did you decide to run for the town board?

I decided to run for the Chairman position because it’s a great opportunity to give back and represent my community. With me out in the community daily I get to hear from the people and gets me the ability to think about ways our board can address these concerns. I feel younger generations need to be involved because honestly that’s what we are protecting, our generations to come up behind us.

What about your background or education or values or personality makes you particularly suited to serve or continue serving on the town board?

My values and passion are what qualify me to serve this township cause home is where the heart is and this is my home!

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges or issues facing your township?

Getting younger generations involved.

What do you hope to accomplish by serving on your town board?

I hope to bring the Pledge of Allegiance to each meeting and to address all questions and concerns that are brought up

Other comments?

I would like to thank you and looking forward to your vote April 6th.

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