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No interest loans available to help with home repairs

Many homeowners do not realize that Community Development Block Grant funds are available to help make repairs to their homes.  The CDBG Home Repair Program, administered by Chippewa County Housing Authority, offers loans at no interest to income eligible homeowners for necessary repairs. Income limits vary by County. Loans are available for properties located in the West Central Wisconsin Housing Region which includes: Barron, Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties. Properties located in the City of Eau Claire are not eligible.

There is no interest on the loan and there are no monthly payments.  The homeowner/estate pays back only what they borrowed when they no longer occupy the home as their primary place of residence (sell or move out of the home).  The loans are available for necessary home repairs including, but not limited to: replacing siding, windows, doors, furnaces water/sewer laterals from the curb to the house, replacing septic systems and wells, upgrading plumbing, heating and electric systems, installing insulation, repairing foundations, and making a home accessible for a member who has a disability.  Funds cannot be used for general remodeling such as updating decor.  The loan must be approved prior to the work being started; we cannot reimburse a family for work already completed.  Repairs to mobile homes are eligible if the owner also owns the land beneath the mobile home.  Mobile homes in mobile home parks are not eligible.

One Barron County resident stated “This program has been a miracle! My house was in dire need of repairs and this program came to my rescue. I love to bask in my new and improved home. Thank you!”

To apply for the program or obtain more information email or contact:

• For Barron, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix counties: Laura Rushmann, Chippewa County Housing Authority, 715-726-7801

• For Buffalo, Eau Claire, Pepin counties: Colleen Kraft, Eau Claire County Housing Authority, 715-839-6240.

Income limits by county are listed in the accompanying table.

Household size

Barron, Buffalo, Clark, Pepin & Polk

Chippewa &

Eau Claire


Pierce &                St. Croix









































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