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Communicable disease ordinance voted down by St. Croix County Board

HUDSON—The St. Croix County Board of Supervisors met to tackle one agenda item on Tuesday evening, November 17th.

On that agenda was a proposed Covid-19 communicable disease ordinance that was forwarded to the full county board from the Health and Human Services subcommittee meeting of November 11th after several months of discussion and hearing from the public.

The Glenwood City Council along with several other county municipalities had communicated to the county board that they were opposed to the ordinance.

The Board of Supervisors on a 10 to 9 vote rejected the proposed ordinance along with several amendments.

One county board Supervisor spoke up and said the Board needed to do something before somebody else such as the federal or state government forced them to do something.

Judy Achterhoff, the supervisor from the Glenwood City area pointed out that the ordinance amended to remove any occupancy requirements or limits was basically the same as the current state order requiring masks.

Several supervisors spoke up during the meeting encouraging the public to consider themselves personally responsible for managing the spread of the virus. There was also some conversation regarding what the Board could do to rebuilt public trust in the governmental body.

The St. Croix County Public Health Department released a list of items for the best defense against COVID-19 – it is you and here is how you can help your community.

Wear a face covering when in public and around others not from your household.

Maintain a 6-foot distance from those not from your household.

Avoid large public or personal gatherings.

Wash your hands frequently.

Stay at home when you are sick or a close contact.

Respond to Public Health, if you test positive, Public Health will contact you to let you know what you can expect next.

The next regular meeting of the St Croix County Board will be held at 8:30 a.m. on December 1.

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