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Glenhaven/Havenwood Happenings – 7-29-2020

Glenhaven News

July 18-24

Monday was a busy day with exercises in their rooms in the morning, and outside time in the afternoon. We also had a spelling bee, so we did that outside, too. As I’ve said in the past, we have some smart cookies here. They did a great job of spelling from our two lists of topics, which were “Farmers Market” and “Dog Breeds”. The dog breeds were definitely the hardest with names like Chihuahua and Lhasa apso. Dalmatian also stumped all of them, because it ended in ian instead of ion. It was a fun time, and lots of laughing.

It was also National Lollipop Day on the 20th, so everyone got a lollipop. They loved them, so we got a supply for days when they need a lift.

As usual, Tuesday was church day, and several residents watched church on Youtube. We also did manicures for several of the ladies.

Wednesday was our beauty shop day, so some of the ladies got their hair set. We have good news about the beauty shop-we hope to have it up and running next week, barring any complications/illnesses. Jen will have her hands full for a while just catching up on haircuts. Poor lady!! I know everyone will be happy to have her back on the job.

We held doorway Bingo on Wednesday afternoon in C&D households. Hopefully sometime soon we can gather together again.

Care conferences via telephone were on Thursday morning, and since it was National Hot Dog Day, residents enjoyed hot dogs, tator tots, and root beer floats for lunch.

Popcorn day was Friday, as usual, and also watering plants day. In the afternoon the residents enjoyed “Hot Fudge Sundae Day” with ice cream sundaes for their afternoon snack.

On Saturday Betty Steies’ celebrated her birthday as we have been doing here lately, with a drive-by birthday party. They also brought birthday cupcakes for the residents to enjoy. Thank you to Betty’s family for the treat! Happy Birthday, Betty Boop!!!!

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