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Customers urged to clear meters, appliance vents following snowfall

When the temperature drops below freezing, we ask you to keep your electric and natural gas meter as well as furnace vents clear of snow and ice.

Heavy snow or falling icicles can cause damage to your meter, and it can block your intake and exhaust vents, putting you in danger. We ask you to check your meters and vents for your own safety.

Pressure caused by snow or ice can damage piping and cause a natural gas meter to leak. A leak is dangerous and can interrupt service to you and your neighbors.

While built to withstand most weather conditions, meters can be damaged if ice and snow become frozen to them. This not only causes safety issues but also leads to more frequent and costly replacements.

In case of an emergency, our technician may need access to your natural gas or electric meter. By always keeping it clear, you’re keeping yourself and your community safe.

When you check your meters also check your furnace intake and exhaust vents to keep them clear of snow and ice as well. Keeping vents clear prevents build up of carbon monoxide inside homes and buildings. A blocked vent also can affect your furnace, which may not run properly and may not operate at all when the intake or exhaust vent is blocked.

Snow removal tips

• Be aware of your meter’s location when using a snow thrower or plow

• Never shovel snow against or on top of your meter or a vent

• Use a broom or your hands to remove snow and ice from the meter rather than a shovel, salt or ice-melting chemical

• Never kick your meter to break up snow and ice

• Protect your meter from melting ice dripping from overhead

• If you think you smell natural gas, move to a safe distance away and call us at 800-261-5325

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