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Rob Summerfield: candidate for the 67th Assembly District



COLFAX  —  Incumbent Rob Summerfield is the Republican candidate on the November 6 ballot for representative of the state’s 67th Assembly District.

Summerfield is from Bloomer. He was first elected as representative of the 67th Assembly District in 2016.

He graduated from Bloomer High School in 1998 and earned a degree in Business Administration from UW-Stout in 2002. For more than 10 years, he has helped run the family business, Two Acres Supper Club, and also is a co-owner of Chippewa Valley Land Title and helps run and manage Bloomer Bowl.

The 67th Assembly District covers the Towns of Colfax, Elk Mound, Grant, Hay River, Otter Creek, Red Cedar, Sand Creek, Sheridan, Sherman, Spring Brook, Tainter and Wilson; the Villages of Colfax, Elk Mound, Ridgeland and Wheeler; and parts of Barron and Chippewa Counties.

The Colfax Messenger and the Glenwood City Tribune Press Reporter sent out a questionnaire to the candidates for the 67th Assembly District.

Wren Keturi is the Democratic candidate on the ballot for representative for the 67th Assembly District.

Here are Summerfield’s answers to the questionnaire:

From your point of view, what are the top three issues facing the state of Wisconsin and how would you approach those issues?

During my first term in office, I supported historic investments in K-12 education; voted to increase broadband access throughout the state and voted to protect those with pre-existing conditions. I am proud of the accomplishments we made during these two years, however, I know we can do more. It is essential that we keep working to make health insurance more affordable and health care more accessible, while maintaining the high quality care that Wisconsin is known for. Furthermore, we need to continue investing in worker training opportunities. Employers across the state are looking for skilled labor, and workers want to continue developing their skills and moving up in their careers, so we need to ensure workforce development opportunities are accessible statewide. Lastly, we need to continue supporting broadband access, so that, as technology changes, our residents have access to these new developments.

What are the top three issues facing the 67th Assembly District? If the issues for the state and the 67th are the same, talk a little bit about some aspect that is different for state-wide versus assembly district.

Health care is one of my highest priorities for helping residents in the 67th Assembly District. It is crucial that we continue fighting for more affordable health insurance, so that everyone can afford high-quality care. This includes healthcare for our aging population and making sure those struggling with drug addiction can access the treatment that they need. Secondly, our area particularly needs to support workforce retention, in addition to the statewide issue of workforce development. Being close to the Minnesota border, a segment of our population drives into the Twin Cities to work each day; I want to reclaim those workers for our area and our state. That is why we need to support policies that encourage workers to stay right here in Wisconsin. Lastly, our area struggles with affordable housing. Last session, I authored legislation that created a low income housing tax credit, to encourage developers to build affordable homes. This is another area that I will continue prioritizing in the future, because I know we can do more.

What could residents in the 67th Assembly District do to help provide solutions for the state issues and/or the 67th Assembly District issues?

Much of the legislation that is introduced actually comes directly from constituents in the district, such as the bill I authored to help protect our music festival industry. If residents are facing tough challenges, I welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss ideas on how to resolve the issue. State legislators come from a variety of backgrounds, so we can’t be experts in every topic; that is why it is crucial that we get input from constituents on issues that are impacting them everyday. I am proud of my record with constituents and that, regardless of their political affiliation, I always respond to concerns that are brought to my office. In the future, I will continue being accessible to constituents so we can collaborate on the tough issues that we’re all facing.

Other comments/Is there anything else you would like residents in the 67th Assembly District to know?

Being born and raised in Bloomer, and now raising my own family here, I understand the unique challenges that our community faces. When I am not in Madison, you will often find me at my family’s Supper Club, tending bar or cooking for our guests. As long as I am in office, you can be assured that your representative in Madison will be accessible to you and remain a strong voice for our community in the legislature. It has been an honor serving residents in the 67th Assembly District for the past two years and I look forward to many more opportunities to continue improving our communities together. 

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