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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list

Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 List 
(actually 11 for the past few weeks)
October 8-19, 2018

1. Bella Rassbach has taken a leadership role in Crafts class, helping others and acting like a teacher’s assistant without being requested to do so. She is conscientious of her own work, takes on challenging projects, and still finds time for others. Her reliability and willingness to step up and assist her peers is very commendable!

2. The students in CSI this semester have done an awesome job creating and conducting a survey of the Glenwood City community. They will be presenting their findings to the candidates for the 29th assembly and State senator Patty Schactner soon!

3. Senior Drum Major Allexis Rassbach and Guard Captains Michaela Nyhus and Olivia Janson for their excellent leadership throughout the marching band season. They remained positive throughout the season and was inspiration to many younger students.

4. Jacob Siegel has doubled up on math this year and is doing a great job in both Algebra 2 and Geometry. He makes sure he understands the material, does quality work and has a positive attitude every day!

5. The following students were selected to perform with the Shell Lake Arts Center Middle School Honors Band: Owen Bauman, Nick Hierlmeier, Mali Draxler, Ian Radintz, Elek Anderson, Lyra Ketola, Sydney Grant, Ryeah Oehlke, Libby Wagner, Aryanna Lee, Genna Gretzlock, Krya Dahl, Isabel, Davis, Charlie Lamb, and Mitchell McGee. They will perform on Thursday, November 1st. Congratulations!

6. The following students have been selected to perform with the UW-Eau Claire High School Honors Band: Tressa Peskar, Delaney Quinn, Olivia Janson, Allexis Rassbach, Leah Magsam, Isabel Draxler, Nicholas Melendrez, Annika Bauman, Emma Lamb, and Brendan Booth. They will perform on Saturday, November 3rd at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire.

7. Tucker Lagerstrom for taking on the role as a mentor to an elementary student. He shows up every morning with a smile on his face and has become a very positive person and is making an impact on this child’s life!

8. Camden Schultz, Cordell Schultz, Tucker Lagerstrom, Kyann Price and Taylor Clay for helping the Tech. Ed. Club build an awesome Robot Wars Table in a short timeframe. A special appreciation to Camden and Cordell Schultz for the donation of the plywood sign.

9. Makayla Sina for her excellent work in Painting class. Makayla strives to do her best everyday and is challenging herself to try painting with a new medium. She is talented and optimistic but has the critical eye every artist needs for themselves in order to grow! Her first painting of the year, her color wheel portrait, will be going to Madison for the next few months to be displayed in Senator Patty Schactner’s office.

10. Connor Olson for his excellence and continued growth in painting class. Connor challenges himself to create beautiful compositions, and tries a variety of methods to create a desired effect. He has an eagerness to learn and to create everyday. His painting of lemons and blueberries (a study of Complementary colors) will be going to Madison for the next few months to be displayed in Senator Patty Schactner’s office.

11. Kyann Price for her creative efforts on her charcoal still life composition in drawing and design class. Kyann chose charcoal as her medium and her fascinating and clever surrealistic interpretation of a simple still life is truly amazing. Her drawing will be going to Madison for the next few months to be displayed in Senator Patty Schactner’s office. Congratulations Kyann! 

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