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4-H Madison Youth Conference

by Brandan Bullick

Last June I went on the 4-H Madison Youth Conference I wanted to go because I thought it would teach me to be where I need to be on time. I also wanted to meet new people and see what the state capital looked like in person. It was a long trip down there but it was worth it.

The thing I probably liked the most was the tour of the state capital because I learned how it is run and the history of the building. Like when the state needs to vote to pass a law they have a board to show the who voted for what. It is nicknamed the christmas tree because if you vote yes your number will pop up  green and, if you vote no your number will pop up red. I also learned about how they used to have barn animals in the basement so everyone had something to eat.

The seminars were good. My favorite seminars I chose where How to attract eastern bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds, how cameras work and how to get them to do what you want, and kayaking. I liked how to attract bluebirds the most because I was taught how to help the bluebird population. It also taught us how to build a bluebird house.

My second was kayaking because we played games like tag and another game that was like dodgeball in kayaks. My third was cameras because even though you had to sit down the entire class the teacher still made it interesting. My favorite thing about the class was he told us how to take a picture better and how lighting works in a camera.

I think you should go on this trip because it will teach you to be where you need to be on time. This trip also taught me how to be responsible. You should also go if you want to meet new people or want to have a great time.

If you are interested in joining 4-H or would like to learn more about the program contact the St. Croix County Extension Office at 715-531-1932 or visit to find a club near you. 

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