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Uncommon Conversations to be held October 25 with Assembly District 29 candidates

Join us for an Uncommon Conversation with your neighbors and candidates for Assembly District 29, John Rocco Calabrese (Democratic) and Brian Corriea (Libertarian) on Thursday, October 25 from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 615 Maple St., Glenwood City.

Frustrated with the toxic rhetoric and the destructive and degrading games that politicians on both sides play?

Tired of experiencing how “politics as usual” creates pain for people we love, the people we pray with, and the people we are in community with?

As people of faith, we believe that we need a new kind of politics – that candidates for elected office need to listen to our concerns and know what our priorities are so we can be in an accountable relationship with one another.

We believe that loving our neighbor, honoring our senior citizens, cherishing all children, creating a caring economy, seeking to unify rather than divide, solving the opioid and meth crisis, providing affordable and accessible health care, ending mass incarceration, and ending human trafficking are not partisan issues.

We need you to be a part of this conversation!

Child care and light refreshments will be provided.

Please note that all three of the candidates for Assembly District 29 were invited months in advance to participate. We regret that only two have chosen to be in conversation with us this time.

Questions? Please call Holy Cross Lutheran Church at 715-265-4411. 

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