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2018 Deer Carcass Disposal at Dunn County Transfer Station to begin October 8

The Dunn County Transfer Station will begin accepting deer carcasses and remains on October 8, 2018. A lined 20-yard dumpster will be onsite through December 31st, 2018, after which animal carcasses and remains will no longer be accepted.

There will be a disposal fee of $5 per carcass or bag of remains to help offset the costs of landfilling this material. Animal carcasses and remains are not accepted at any of the Dunn County Area Collection Stations at any time.

To help assist with ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Dunn County, a CWD Declaration Form must be signed at the time of disposal, indicating that, to the best of one’s knowledge, the deer do not pose a risk for CWD transmission, and that the deer have not been submitted to a testing firm for CWD detection. In the event that a deer has been tested, a certificate of non-detect for CWD must be presented at the time of disposal in order for it to be accepted. At this time, Dunn County is unable to accept deer carcasses or remains that have tested positive for CWD.

If you need to dispose of deer or other animal carcasses or remains outside of the time frame listed above, some landfills may accept them directly for disposal throughout the year for a fee, and with proper documentation. Additional guidance on deer carcass disposal can be found at 

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