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Downing resident sentenced to four years in prison for violating probation

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  —  A 28-year-old Downing resident has been sentenced to four years of initial confinement and four years of extended supervision related to violating probation on one felony count of child enticement.

Javan E. Kastberg appeared with his attorney, Jonathan Lundeen, before Judge James Isaacson in Dunn County Circuit Court September 14 for a sentencing hearing on the revocation of probation.

Judge Isaacson sentenced Kastberg to four years of initial confinement and four years of extended supervision and granted him 915 days of credit on the prison term, which means Kastberg will spend about 18 months in prison.

Kastberg initially was charged with one felony count of possessing child pornography related to images and videos on two cellular telephones.

Kastberg pleaded guilty to the amended charge of child enticement in March of 2015, and later that year, Judge Rod Smeltzer withheld sentence, placed Kastberg on five years of probation, and as a condition of probation, sentenced him to one year in jail.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman who said she was a roommate of Kastberg’s told investigators that she had used Kastberg’s cell phone in December of 2013 because her phone’s batteries needed to be recharged.

The woman said she noticed several squares on the phone that looked like pictures of girls and believed one picture to be her niece. Upon further investigation, the woman discovered a movie of a young girl on the cell phone who appeared to be about nine years of age and was behaving in a sexual manner.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department received a call on December 19, 2013, from the probation and parole office in Menomonie relaying the report that the woman had found what she believed to be child pornography, according to the complaint.

Investigators eventually examined two cellular telephones. A Samsung Galaxy S3 model contained several videos and about 15,000 image files.

The second phone, an LGVS-700 Enlighten, contained 43 images and two suspect videos.

One of the videos depicted a little girl three to five years old being sodomized by an adult male with a vibrator, according to the complaint.

At the September 14 sentencing hearing, Judge Isaacson ordered Kastberg to have no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18, not to be on the premises of any bars, taverns, liquor stores or other establishments where the primary business is alcohol, not to possess any electronic device that connects to the Internet unless it has been approved by his probation officer, not to possess any illegal substances and to comply with sex offender assessment and treatment.

A revocation order and a warrant for Kastberg’s arrest were issued in June of this year.

Child enticement is a Class D felony that carries a potential penalty of up to 25 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $100,000. 

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