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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-5-2018

News for week of August 26th to September 1st: 

August is gone and September is here! Where did this month go? Where did the summer go? That was the discussion at our Monday morning visits. All agreed, the summer has been a good one, not too hot, not too cold, and we have enjoyed many days outside in the beautiful weather. We enjoyed grilling, taking walks, and playing games and drinking summertime cocktails in the gazebo. These activities will continue for as long as weather permits.

After breakfast on Monday, we readied the Square for our monthly Green Leaf Café. With table cloths, centerpieces and menus in place the room resembled a small town pub. As the residents gathered, waitresses Tina and Barb took orders. Everyone enjoyed visiting while Chef Andy prepared the food, fresh off the grill. BLTs with garden fresh tomatoes was the item of choice along with the usual restaurant type foods. For dessert Andy served everyone fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls.

Tuesday morning found many in the East Dining Room for an hour of Kicking Karaoke. Tony leads the group that combines our favorite songs with a little exercise. Meanwhile it was cribbage club on Sandy Ridge. Led by Al and Gus, it was an hour of fun and fast flying cards. Following lunch the Catholics gathered for prayers and devotions. Patty leads this group and the residents appreciate her taking the time to come and share with them. Later that afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square for Prize Bingo. Volunteers Michelle, Patty and Eileen always make sure this fun hour runs smoothly. Just before supper we were blessed to have Jordan Herrick spend some time with us, sharing the word and leading us in our favorite hymns.

Wednesday morning, Pastor Koch led us in our Wednesday morning church service. We enjoyed her inspiring message, and also singing along to our favorite hymns as she accompanies us on the guitar. In the afternoon residents gathered in the Square for black out bingo. We played four rounds, which meant four residents went away the big winners and split the pot. Those that left empty handed said they can’t wait to play again next month as perhaps it will be their turn to win.

Some of the Residents attended the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Thursday morning. All agreed it was a nice addition to the Tom Prince Memorial Park. Our monthly Resident Council was held in the afternoon. We reviewed next month’s calendar, and discussed menu choices, music events, and where we would like to go on our Joy Rides for the month. It was agreed that we would like to do a visit to the Farmer’s Market and Apple Orchard. That evening, after bounce ball, residents spent time in prayer and devotions led by Jordan Herrick. It is great that he takes time from his busy schedule to share with us.

The Catholics gathered on East for our Friday morning rosary group led by Loretta. Later in the Square Kathy and Bruce lead us in our weekly Gospel Sing a Long. We love picking out our favorite hymns to sing. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

If you are interested in seeing what goes on at the Big Yellow House you can go to our web site, Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center or like us on Facebook where pictures happenings, the activity schedule and menu for the week are posted.

Until next week,
Barb Stobb, Activity Director 

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