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Colfax has lost nearly 40 people since 2010

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  —  According to a population estimate from the Demographic Services Center in Madison, since 2010, the population in Colfax has decreased by 37 people.

The Demographic Services Center report was included with the packet of information for the Colfax Village Board meeting August 27.

The 2010 count of Colfax’s population was 1,158, and the 2018 preliminary estimate of population is 1,121, representing a decrease of 37 people.

In 2010, there were 2,659 vehicles registered in Colfax, and in 2018, there are 2,573 vehicles registered, representing a decrease of 86 vehicles.

The number of people filing income taxes in Colfax, however, increased by 12 since 2010, when there were 601 income tax filers. The 2018 preliminary estimate identifies 613 income tax filers.

The number of income tax filers plus dependents in 2010 was 848. The 2018 preliminary estimate of income tax filers plus dependents is 821, representing a decrease of 27.

The number of income tax returns filed went from 424 in 2010 to 439 in 2018, representing an increase  of 15.

The “institutional population” in 2010 was 64, and the 2018 preliminary estimate was 37.

According to the report, the Village of Colfax has approximately 858 people of voting age. Based on the population estimate, about 74 percent of the people living in Colfax are of voting age.

The total population of Wisconsin is estimated at 5,816,000, representing an increase of 110,516. 

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