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Elk Mound approves parks plan “wish list”

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND  —  The Elk Mound Village Board has approved a parks plan wish list to include in Dunn County’s outdoor recreation plan.

If certain items are not part of a parks plan, then the items would not be eligible for grant money through the county if Dunn County were to be awarded a grant to improve parks or if the village applied for a grant to fund park improvements, said Mark Levra, director of public works, at the Elk Mound Village’s Board August 1 meeting.

Addison Vang, Dunn County planner and zoning enforcement officer, had spoken to the Elk Mound Village Board’s property and finance committee about updating the village’s park plan.

Some of the items on the wish list include a 3-to-9 hole Frisbee golf course for $5,000; a fourth baseball field at the Elk Mound Lion’s Club park for $20,000; upgrading lighting in Field I at the Lion’s Club park for $10,000; new playground equipment for $10,000; extending the park pavilion at the Elk Mound Lion’s Club park for $9,850; and paving the roads in the park for $20,000.

Other items on the list include building a pavilion at the back of the park for $30,000; permanent bean bag ramps for $2,000; and Field I irrigation for $10,000.

The kitchen at the Lion’s Club park pavilion also needs updating, and the restrooms are due to be remodeled as well.

Village trustees also discussed adding lights for the basketball court since the wiring is already there for lighting.

The Elk Mound Village Board unanimously approved a motion to accept the list and add lighting for the basketball court and to forward the updated parks plan to be included in Dunn County’s outdoor recreation plan.

Those voting in favor of the motion were Village President Steven Abraham and Village Trustees Paula Turner, Deborah Creaser-Kipp, Terry Stamm, Greg Kipp and Rebecca Livingston.

Village Trustee Montana Boettcher was absent from the meeting.

Walking/bike route

Vang also spoke about a bicycle and walking route through Elk Mound to connect with the Dunn County trail, said Livingston, chair of the property and finance committee.

The committee approved a motion to pursue the walking and bicycling route through Elk Mound and recommended the east to west route be on Menomonie Street/U.S. Highway 12 and the north to south route be on Holly Avenue/county Highway H.

Establishing a route would put it on the map for developing a future bicycle and walking route, Abraham noted.

The route would feature a widened paved  shoulder, delineator posts and lines painted on the pavement and would be contingent upon the county’s budget or grant money being available.

The Elk Mound Village Board unanimously approved a motion to include the east-west route for bicycling and walking on Menomonie Street/U.S. Highway 12 and the north-south route on Holly Avenue/county Highway H in cooperation with Dunn County.

Class of 2022

Earlier this year, just before school was finished, the Class of 2022 had done a service project to improve the parks in Elk Mound.

At the time of the service project, one of the girls in the class had asked about fund raising to replace the entrance sign/welcome to Elk Mound sign on the west side of town on Highway 12 that was damaged last winter, Levra said.

The cost of replacing the sign, Levra had determined, would be $1,037.

The Class of 2022 conducted fund raising, and Levra said he had received a check for $2,674.03, enough money to replace both the sign on the west side of Elk Mound on Highway 12 and the sign on the east side, with money left over.

Since there would be money left over, Levra said he was proposing to include a plaque on each sign indicating the signs had been donated by the Class of 2022.

Other business

In other business, the Elk Mound Village Board:

• Learned from Pat Hahn, village clerk-treasurer, that an application for a $40,000 state trust fund loan to purchase a skid loader had been approved.

• Learned from Levra that the village hall parking lot would soon be crack-filled and seal-coated at a cost of $3,350. The parking lot improvement project is a budgeted item.

• Learned from Levra he is proposing a change to the park rental agreement that if an event for which the Lion’s Club park had been rented generated more than 10 bags of trash, the person renting the park would be responsible for disposing of the trash. A recent event at the park had generated 93 bags of garbage. Those attending the event at the park also did not recycle plastic and aluminum, Levra noted. Under circumstances where an event would generate more than 10 bags of trash, park renters could arrange for a roll-off Dumpster instead of disposing of the bags of garbage themselves, Levra pointed out.

• Approved a bartender operator’s license for Tammy Franck (The Junction).

• Denied a bartender operator’s license for Nicholas Davis (The Pourhouse). A background check by Elk Mound Police Chief Chad Weinberger revealed Davis had numerous convictions on his record, including operating a vehicle while his license was revoked, operating while intoxicated, operating without insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Approved the commencement of revocation proceedings for a bartender operator’s license approved in June of this year for Kari Reiman (The Pourhouse) because Reiman had served alcohol to an underage person. The Elk Mound Village Board had expressed reservations about approving a bartender operator’s license in June because of a previous conviction for serving alcohol to an underaged person many years ago but ultimately decided to give Reiman a second chance. 

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