Elk Mound grants conditional use for additional storage units

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND  — The Elk Mound Village Board has approved a conditional use application for additional storage units along U.S. Highway 12.

The village board must consider what is in the best interests of village residents, said Terry Stamm, village trustee.

The parcel is zoned B-1, and under the zoning, storage units are permitted as a conditional use, he said.

Patrick Rebman, the owner of the storage units, said he has a list of people who are interested in renting storage units.

The new units will be larger storage units, and some of those who have smaller units right now want larger units, and that will open up smaller units for people who want them, he said.

The village board also discussed security lighting for the storage units.

Rebman said when he had first purchased the storage units, the security lights were not working, and during the first year, the units had four break-ins.

Now that security lighting has been replaced, there have been no problems with burglaries, he said.

Stamm outlined the reasons why the village board should approve the third section of storage units.

Approving the conditional use would allow the orderly development of the B-1 zoned lot that already has two sections of storage units. The additional storage units would generate additional tax revenue for the village. The storage units would not be directly adjacent to the house to the east, although the house and the storage units are located in different zoning designations. The storage units would address the general public’s need for storage, and more units could help for clean-up efforts around Elk Mound if people had somewhere to store certain items, Stamm said.

Mark Levra, director of public works, noted that according to village ordinances, all buildings located in business district zoning must have 10 percent of the open land landscaped.

Elk Mound resident Jeff Wolf spoke to the village board during the citizen’s forum portion of the meeting to say he was opposed to the proposal to build more storage units.

Wolf said he had purchased 100 Princeton Drive in January, which faces Highway 12 and is across from the storage unit location.

The new storage units would be the “view” from Wolf’s picture window, and he was concerned the units would decrease the property value of his home.

Wolf also expressed concern about the security lights shining into his home at night.

“I do not want to stifle growth, but I am concerned about property value,” he said.

The Elk Mound Village Board unanimously approved a motion to grant the conditional use application for Patrick Rebman.

Other business

In other business, the Elk Mound Village Board:

• Learned from Levra that Elk Mound Middle School civics classes of 90 eighth graders had done a community service project May 31 and June 1 and had completed a variety of tasks at the Lions Club Park, Mound Hill Park and around the village, including painting picnic tables, planting flowers, clearing brush, picking up 27 bags of trash, yard clean-up and building a handicapped ramp in the trailer court. The students raised $3,500 for their projects, he said, adding he had thought the village would “end up with open-ended projects, but they were all finished.” Levra said he wanted to acknowledge the students for the good work they had done.

• Approved an ordinance related to voting on down zoning, which pertains to changing zoning to less intensive zoning.

• Approved the emergency operations plan.

• Denied an application for a multiple dog license from Emma Brunner, N208 Holly Avenue.

• Approved an application for a multiple dog license from Jennifer Flategraff, 301 Moundsview Court.

• Approved the renewal of a cigarette license for Cenergy, LLC Mounds View Store.

• Approved the renewal of a Class “A” retailer’s beer license and “Class A” liquor cider only for consumption off premise for Cenergy, LLC Mounds View Store.

• Approved the renewal of a Class “B” retailer’s beer license and a reserve “Class B” liquor license for The Pourhouse, Milovino Enterprises LLC.

• Approved the renewal of a Class B beer and Class C wine license for The Junction.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Cenergy, LLC Mounds View Store for Elizabeth Ferber, Roxanne Gibis, Patrick Lowe, Brianna Mizer, Michelle Mousel, Heather Rundle and Tiffany Schrantz.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for The Pourhouse for Katrina Moore, Kari Reimann, Shanelle Kassa, Tim Heit, Syndria Frion, Stacy Franz, Kathleen Degre and Erin Whyte.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for The Junction for Danielle Fredrickson, Connie Linberg, Taylor Deling and Aimee Lor.

• Approved an agreement with Deanne Koll of the Bakke Norman law firm for legal representation on municipal prosecution cases.

• Approved no parking on Division Street from the stop sign to one hundred feet west of the stop sign.

• Discussed the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sanitary survey report for Elk Mound and the notice of non-compliance. The non-compliant deficiencies in the water system are all due to the age of the equipment, Levra said. The issues identified now as deficiencies have received approval during inspections that have occurred over the past 37 years, he noted. The surveys are completed every three years. Levra said he would research the cost of correcting the deficiencies and bring information back to the village board. 

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