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“New” Tender 9 on its way to Colfax Community Fire Department

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  — A “new to us” replacement for Tender 9 is expected to be on its way soon to the Colfax Community Fire Department.

The fire department has decided to “go ahead” with the tender located in Canada at a cost of $90,000, said Don Logslett, fire chief, at a special meeting of the Colfax Community Fire Department board May 7.

The tanker truck, which will replace Tender 9, will be “delivered to our door,” he said.

At the fire board’s April 12 meeting, Logslett reported the fire department was having difficulty locating a tender to replace Tender 9.

Gary Hill, a member of the fire department’s truck committee, had reported at the April meeting that what is most readily available is a brand new tanker truck, at a cost of about $240,000, or an old tender like the one currently in service for about $30,000.

And if the members of the fire department manage to locate a suitable tender, by the time they inquire about it, the truck has already been sold, Hill and Logslett said.

Hill also reported at the April meeting he had found a company in Canada specializing in refurbishing chassis and outfitting them with tanks.

The Colfax fire board had authorized Logslett to begin searching for another tender for the fire department to replace Tender 9 in August of 2017.

Tender 9 is the second tender up for replacement.

To replace the first tender, the fire board approved at a June of 2015 meeting the purchase of a 2005 International truck chassis and also approved moving the tank from the 1978 tanker truck to the International chassis at a total cost not to exceed $75,000.

The Colfax fire department’s equipment fund has $208,000, and if $90,000 is spent on replacing Tender 9, the equipment fund would have $118,000 remaining.

The budget for the Colfax fire department allocates $20,000 every year for the equipment fund.

In 2017, the fire department had a $14,000 budget surplus, so the additional $14,000 was added to the equipment fund.

Fire board members wondered at the May 7 meeting if firefighters had checked references for the dealer in Canada.

Gary Hill checked references, and the other fire departments that bought trucks from the gentleman in Canada all said the trucks were exactly what he said they would be, Logslett said.

Members of the Colfax Community Fire Department include the Village of Colfax and the Towns of Colfax, Grant and Otter Creek.


In other business at the May 7 meeting, the Colfax fire board approved a proposal from Rural Mutual Insurance for liability, building and property insurance in the amount of $5,094.

Big River Apex Insurance had submitted a proposal for $5,623.

The insurance from Big River Apex would cover the firefighters’ personal vehicles when they are on the way to a fire and also would cover the deductible on the personal vehicles.

Under the Rural Mutual insurance, the vehicle owner must cover the deductible.

The Big River insurance had one deductible that covers everything while the Rural Mutual insurance has multiple deductibles for different parts of the policy.

The Rural Mutual insurance is $500 cheaper with a higher level of coverage, although the disadvantage is the deductibles, noted Mark Warner, chair of the Otter Creek Town Board.

The Colfax Community Fire Department board unanimously approved the quote from Rural Mutual Insurance.

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