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Colfax Health and Rehab – 4-4-2018

News for the week of March 25th to the 31st: 

Monday morning craft group met in the Square where we put together more of our miniature hat refrigerator magnets. The residents enjoy working on these and each one of them turns out unique. Meanwhile in the East Dining Room it was time for an hour of Kicking Karaoke.

Calli leads the group that combines our favorite songs with a little exercise. Movie of the week was the afternoon activity with Ma and Pa Kettle once again in the spotlight. This time we watched as the Kettles vacationed in the Ozarks. And what a crazy vacation it was! 

Exercises were the order of business in the East Dining Room on Tuesday morning. Before we exercised, we all stopped off to check on the status of our eggs in the incubator. The temperature and water looked good and we can’t wait until they start hatching. As far as we can figure, they should start hatching around April 10th. The afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square. All went away with bags full of treats. Volunteers Michelle, Sally and Patty always make sure this fun hour runs smoothly. 

Pastor Wik led us in our Wednesday morning church service. We appreciate him taking the time to come and share with us. We enjoyed his inspiring message, and also singing along to our favorite hymns. Leona was here once again as she came for the service and helped those who needed find the songs in their books. Residents gathered in the Square in the afternoon for a Sing a Long. We always look forward Kathy Irwin’s visits as she leads us in an hour of singing our favorite tunes. Even if we can’t sing very well, her beautiful piano playing drowns out all the bad notes we hit. 

Thursday proved to be a very busy day at the Big Yellow House! We had to work before we could enjoy our meal, so out came seven dozen hard boiled eggs, baggies of rice and some food coloring. What did we make you ask? Well you mix the food coloring and rice, drop in an egg and shake, and what comes out, beautiful Easter eggs! They are all ready to adorn our Easter breakfast trays. The afternoon found a group of residents gathering for our monthly Resident Council. We reviewed next month’s activities and menu and discussed future activities and meals that residents might like.

On Friday morning Loretta led our Catholics in the rosary, and afterwards we gathered in the Square for Gospel Sing a Long. This activity has been a Friday morning tradition for many years here at Colfax Health and Rehab, and the residents enjoyed listening to the talents of Kathy on piano and Bruce on the guitar. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

Saturday brought many through the doors for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Petting Zoo. The weather kept us indoors, but we made the best of it. Once again, the 22ers 4H did a great job putting on this fun event, as the halls were filled with laughter and smiling faces.  The residents also enjoyed playing the games and petting the furry critters. 

Highlights of next week’s activities include our Easter Sunday church service with Pastor Hendrickson, music by Rich Schroeder and our movie of the week is Swiss Family Robinson. 

Until Next Week, Barb Stobb, Activity Director