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Glenwood City School Board hears reports

GLENWOOD CITY — The school board spent most of its hour-long meeting Monday evening listening to reports from administrators and also from a ten-year-old student.

Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner introduced Mitchell Main to the board and he gave a report on the Hilltopper Hangtime. Main explained about the program noting that it’s “A great place to hang out before and after school and on days there is no school.” He also provided information about events that they have held and what their schedule is for this week as there is no school. Main, assisted by his instructor, Beth Davis, explained the scheduled summer events that are planned. 

Haltinner explained to the board about the number of students involved in the program and that there is a negative cost to the district to support the program.

Nicole Brite, the Director of Athletics, Public Services and Special Education, spoke to the board on several subjects. She informed the board that Glenwood City would be represented in both the Football Coaches All Star game and the Basketball Coaches All Star Game.

The football game will be held in Oshkosh on July 21st and Carson Strong will be on the team and Shane Strong will be one of the coaches. The Basketball game is set for June 17 at Wisconsin Dells and Riley Schutz will be one of the team members while Tristan Kittilson will be on the coaching staff.

Brite also noted that state testing would start next month for the elementary school and high school set for May 1st. She informed the board that summer school would be June 11 through the 22 and two weeks in August.

Middle/High School Principal Patrick Gretzlock reported that two seniors are to receive large scholarships from The Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board. Makayla O’Brien has been designated to receive the Academic Excellent Scholarship of $2,250 per semester for eight semesters and Marcus Hurtgen will get the same amount for six semesters in the Technical Excellence Scholarship. These scholarships are dependent upon enrollment in a qualifying Wisconsin higher education institution.

Gretzlock reported about some seniors that have “Taken a lot of liberties” by not being in school the entire day. “Some have been gone more than ten percent of the time,” he told the board. He said that he had had conservations with about 25 percent of the class that fall into this area. “The consequence of their action is that they have the possibility of not being part of the graduation.”

Gretzlock informed the board about the Senior Class trip which will be to Milwaukee County Zoo and they will take in a Brewers baseball game and visit the Capitol in Madison. The eighth grade trip will be to Wisconsin Dells.

District Administrator Tim Johnson wanted to thank the local police department for their quick action on a prank phone call that the school received last week. After investigating the matter it was determined that the call came from a ten-year old from Pennsylvania. 

Johnson recommended to the board that the school leave the student fees as they are for athletics. The charge is $20.00 for middle school and $30.00 for high school kids for each sport up to three sports. Johnson told the board that he had surveyed other area schools on what they charge and found it various from no charges at all to $75.00. The board voted to drop the $10 fee for Phy Ed. The board also approved his request to hire a person for a painter for the summer and four students to help with the summer maintenance.

The board also approved Randy Ketola as an assistant track coach.