Old City Hall to be offered for sale

GLENWOOD CITY — The City Council agreed Monday night to offer the old city hall and a couple of other city owned parcels of land for sale.

The council directed that the parcels in question be appraised, and then the city would accept bids on those items. 

The old city hall on the corner Pine and Second Street has sat vacant for a number of years because of mold and construction issues with the former Lutheran Church that the city used for a library and City Clerk’s office and council meeting room.

The council, at the March 19th meeting, also approved listing two other parcels of land for sale. One is on Maple Street that has a small garage that the police department used to house one of their police cars. The other parcel is off highway 170 on the east side of town.

Summer Rec

The council heard a report about the city summer recreation program from Brent Standaert, Rob Unruh and Dean Fayerweather. Standaert noted that between the group that is running the program and the city, “we need to decide who is responsible for what and how to share cost and responsibility.”

City Clerk/Treasurer Sharon Rosenow informed the meeting that in a conversation with the City’s insurance carrier, that if the program was outsourced the City’s insurance would not cover and the group would need to provide their own liability insurance. “Leave it as a city function with the City Council having the final say,” Rosenow stated.

Mayor John Larson noted that the city was trying to make it (Summer Rec program) simpler and not more complicated. He also noted that the group be responsible for the funds that they raised to support the summer programs.

Standaert informed the Council that baseball season was quickly approaching and that registration was open. He expected that about 170 kids would be registered for the program.

Unruh presented a drawing of what the recognition plaque would look like. The group is installing a plaque at Hinman Park to honor those firms and individuals that have financially supported the work done at the park.

Test Run of the New Well

The City’s Public Works Director, David Caress, reported that the new city well that is under construction near the City’s water tower was tested last week and ran for a hour on Thursday and another three-quarters of an hour on Friday to take water samples and testing. Caress noted that the well pumped some 860 gallons per minute. 

Later in the meeting Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation addressed the Council with a payment request from the firm doing the construction work on the well and pump. Oium noted the work that has been completed and asked the council to approve payment of $260,137.65, which is the fifth payment to Springlake Contracting, Inc., for work done on the project. To date the city has funded the project to almost three-quarters of a million dollars on the project, which was estimated at over a million dollars to complete.

Library Report

Council member Nancy Hover informed the other members about the local library by noting that the Library is fully staffed and that the members of the Council are invited to the library for an event on April 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. She also stated that the library is now open more hours and that at a recent movie event at the library some 45 people turned out for the showing.

And, finally the Council approved an operator’s license for Krista J. Maki Zurn and denied one for Nicholas Mrdutt.