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Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 3-14-2018

Glenhaven News Mar. 3-9

What a wild winter this has become!

This week we had some new performers for us on Monday afternoon. They surprisingly came, and were able to get for home before the weather became totally miserable. They were Lisa Peterson and her children from the Knapp area. They were wonderful singers, as well as musicians, playing a variety of instruments. They ranged in age, I believe, from 7-17 (not exactly sure on that one.) But what a talented group of kids, not to mention Lisa, their Mom, who is a great piano player. Thank you all, and hope to see you again soon.

The power outage made it interesting for awhile, but things worked out fine.

We had our monthly waffle and strawberries breakfast on Tuesday morning, which was followed by church with Trinity Lutheran and Live to be Healthy exercises. Staff had their monthly inservice in the afternoon and evening, which was presented by our therapy department and dealt with body mechanics and safe lifting and transferring techniques.

Resident Council was held on Wednesday morning, and residents had a chance to voice their concerns. Judy from the dietary department was there to inform them of some changes and to ask for suggestions for Easter dinner, as well as any other food suggestions or issues. We had our first suggestion from the suggestion box, which residents had requested at last month’s meeting, and will discuss it at our department head meeting.

The baking club was busy on Thursday making treats for our Friday Employee Appreciation Day. They made chocolate chip and peanut blossom cookies. Staff got to enjoy those, as well as some bars, for treats on Friday. The residents also got to enjoy their hard work!

Friday was popcorn day, and Father John was here for Mass on Friday morning. In the afternoon we did an Easter craft-suncatchers for residents’ windows. We’ll finish them up on Monday.

Ava Prissel was here most of the day on Friday to help out, and what a great help she was! It was a very busy day, and she did a lot of Easter decorating for us. we appreciate all of her help.

Visitors this week were: Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Linda Main & Frankie; Teresa Miller was visited by Bob Miller, Tom & Mary Miller, and Wayne & Mary Staidl; Karen Barthman was visited by Judi Utphall,  Amy & Josh Hartung, Michelle Rydberg, and Amy Dwyer and  Daydin; Doris Herdahl was visited by Doug Herdahl; Ardys Mounce was visited by Doris Hanson, Marion Formoe, Doug & Linda Hanson, June Stack, Shannon Mounce and Ila Gillis; Rosella Maes was visited by Marlene Kerr; Marge Canfield was visited by Marilyn & Dan Arnsdorff; Mabel Hoffman was visited by Faye Warhol, Margie Borgstrom, Iona Voeltz, Colleen Johnson, and Sue Anderson; Wally Lindholm was visited by Marlene Kerr; Les Crosby was visited by Cathy Quinn; and Delaney Mattison was visited by Trudy & Brian Mattison. 

Upcoming Highlights: 13-Holy Cross Church, Student Council Visits, and T,C and the Heuts will return in the evening; 14-Holy Cross Bingo; 16-St. Pat’s Party and Carol Schmidt with her dogs; 17-Steven Szydel Music; 20-Immanual Lutheran Church.