Glenhaven-Havewood Happenings – 2-28-2018

Glenhaven News Feb. 18-23

President’s Day was a lot of fun with a contest to see who how many president’s pictures the residents could identify, as well as some very interesting trivia about them. One of the most difficult questions was whose faces are different denominations of money. We didn’t even know there were some bills that large.

[emember_protected] Church on Tuesday was with Pastor Dahm from Forest Immanuel Lutheran, which was followed by Live to be Healthy. In the afternoon, the cooking club was busy making red, white and blue layered finger jello. Since it took a while between layers, we decided instead of watching jello set, we would play a game of name the fruit, vegetable, and flower that started with the letters of the alphabet. We have some very smart cookies living here!

Wednesday’s bingo was hosted by St. John’s. Thanks to Sarah, Rita, and Mason for your help! Everyone enjoyed the layered jello made on Tuesday.

We got into the gardening mood on Thursday, as residents helped repot some houseplants that were in bad need of repotting. We had dirt all over the place, but it was a good project, and everyone loves digging in the dirt. Polka music was playing as we worked, so the topic of conversation over coffee was where they had gone dancing in their younger days, and the names of the local dance halls and taverns. Many are still there, but names have changed.

Friday was popcorn day, and the Census Bureau representative was here to take a census of Glenhaven, and ask questions of a few random residents. We also took down Valentine decorations, and will put some Easter ones up next week. Thanks to Owen and Izzy for their help taking things down.

In looking over last week’s article in the paper, I realized we left out one group on that very busy Valentine’s Day. The JAM kids from Holy Cross were also here that day handing out Valentines to the residents. Sorry I slipped up! Thanks for the beautiful Valentines, and for coming to visit.

Visitors this week were: Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Barb Standaert; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom, Buck, Hillary & Bob Miller; Ernie and Mary Kiekhoefer were visited by Peggy Raymond; Karen Barthman was visited by Judi Utphall and Amy & Jaydin Dwyer; Donna Warner was visited by Barb Standaert; Becky Sempf was visited by Doug & Kathy Standaert; Virginia Engebretson was visited by Betty Pittman; Gladys Best was visited by Roxi Wakeen; and several of our residents were visited by Cynthia Lange, our census taker. 

Upcoming Highlights: 27 – Boyceville United Methodist Church service and Jane and Friends Monthly Birthday Party; Mar. 1-Bingo with Forest Methodist; 3rd-Scott Beaumont music; 5-Music with Lisa Peterson & Kids. [/emember_protected]