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Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 2-14-2018

Glenhaven News Feb. 4- Feb. 10

Residents were treated to a special “Big Game” meal on Sunday evening as they watched the game. I’m sure the Eagles fans were ecstatic after winning their first Big Game!

Winners of our Ground Hog contest were announced on Monday. The lucky winners were Doris Herdahl for the residents, and Jill Darwin for the staff and visitors. Jill got 14 of the 15 correct. Great job, ladies! Thanks to all who participated in our “Name the Shadow” game.

Monday was also National Fondue Day, so in the afternoon we had several tasty treats to dip in chocolate as well as cheese. Not many people had actually eaten fondue, so it was a good treat.

Pancake breakfast was served by the activity staff on Tuesday morning, along with strawberries and whipped cream.

Pastor Brad was back with us for church for the first time this year, and we are glad he is back and on the mend. Live to be Healthy followed church services.

Our monthly Resident Council was held on Wednesday morning, and was run by our President, Erleen Schmidt. She always does a great job. Residents had a chance to voice any concerns they had, and to make suggestions. We had a couple of suggestions for when the weather warms up a little, so will be planning a shopping trip, as well as a trip to a play or concert. If anyone out there knows of something fabulous, give the activities department a call. They also really enjoyed the zebras last year, so if anyone has some exotic animals they would like to share with us, let us know.

Bingo was hosted by the activity department on Wednesday, and as usual, we had a large crowd.

The opening of the Olympic games was celebrated by playing some games on the WII in the afternoon on Thursday. Some of them proved to be quite interesting. The cow-riding game gave us a lot of problems until Kaylee set us straight. We were holding the controller the wrong way. OOPS!

Catholic Mass was on Friday morning with Father John, and in the afternoon we continued our Olympic games by playing several entertaining games of ping-pong. The activity department got the most exercise, chasing the ping pong balls. There was definitely a lot of laughing going on. Becky Sempf was our champion, with Bev Thompson a close second. Good job, everyone.

Rudy Rudesill was here to entertain on Saturday.

Our sympathies go out to the family of Bill Bosshart. God bless you all.

The ballot box is now up for voting for this year’s Valentine King and Queen. They will reign for one year, and be in the Rustic Lore Days Parade. They will be crowned on Valentine’s Day, immediately following Bingo, which will be followed by refreshments.

Visitors this week were: Bill Bosshart was visited by Jean Bosshart, Rene & Tom Turchany, Jeff Goodell, Tom & Rene Turchany, Shanna Turchany Stevens, Jackie Goodell, Denise Tabor, Tiff Turchany Johnson; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Janet & Duane Christianson; Rosella Maes was visited by Janet & Duane Christianson and Marlene Kerr; Doris Herdahl was visited by Doug Herdahl ; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom, Mary, Roger, Sue and Bob Miller; Virginia Engebretson was visted by Alice Tuttle and Betty Pittman; Becky Sempf was visited by Dorothy Magnuson; Donna Warner was visited by Barb Standaert; Ernie and Mary Kiekhoefer were visited by Carol Schouten and Peggy Raymond; Ardys Mounce was visited by Elaine Hoff and Dorothy Magnuson, Dorothy Mitch was visited by Elaine Hoff and Bobbie Berends; Gladys Best was visited by Dorothy Maguson and Lynn and Greg Barringer; Lloyd Holten was visited by Pam, Vicky, Mark and Devyon.

Upcoming Highlights: 13-Sweethearts’ Dinner, Student Council Visits and Gladys Best’s birthday party; 14-Ash Wednesday services with Holy Cross, Bingo with Holy Cross, and Valentine Royalty Crowning, followed by refreshments; 16- Chinese New Year celebration;19-President’s Day-everyone is asked to wear Red, White & Blue that day; 21-Bingo with St. John’s;24-Quentin Kase Music