Glenhaven Happenings – 1-31-2018

Glenhaven Happenings – 1-31-2018

Our week started off with Catholic Communion and a movie on Sunday. This week was Activity Professionals Week.

[emember_protected] National Peanut Butter Day was on Wednesday, so residents made peanut butter cookies at cooking club on Monday. They were delicious! 

The trees looked beautiful on Tuesday morning after the storm Monday night. Church was cancelled on Tuesday morning, but we did have Live to be Healthy, as usual. The residents love this exercise class, and are very good at it. In the afternoon we talked about the Armistice Day blizzard, and residents shared their memories of that day. Mostly they talked about the parents watching out the windows waiting for their children to return home safely that day. We also did some Valentine trivia, and identifying famous couples, which they did very well at, until we got to some of the actors and actresses. Maybe some of you readers would like to try your luck at remembering the partners to these folks: Phil Harris, Alfred Lunt, and Fred Allen. We also did the residents shadows that day, and they are hanging on the wall in the upper lobby for people to guess. Winners will be announced on Ground Hog Day.

Bingo was hosted by the activity department on Wednesday, and we enjoyed peanut butter cookies and coffee afterwards.

The 25th was National Clothes Clashing Day, so everyone was encouraged to dress in their best. We had some interesting outfits! Dominoes was the game of the afternoon, and Bev Thompson was the big winner of the day.

Friday was popcorn day and room visits, and residents made “Love Bugs” in the afternoon for arts and crafts.

Steven Szydel was here for music on Saturday.

Visitors this week:  Bill Bosshart was visited by Jean Bosshart, Rene & Tom Turchany, Pat & Orland Bygd, and Jackie & Dan Goodell; Doris Herdahl was visited by JoAnne Schroeder; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom, Mary and Runt Miller;  Becky Sempf was visited by Art Jancoski; Dorothy Mitch was visited by LaVerne Steen; Dorothy Troolines was visited by Marilyn & Adrian Horo; and Ardys Mounce was visited by Ila Gillis.

Upcoming Highlights: 30-Jane and Friends Monthly birthday party; 31-Bingo with St. John’s, Feb 2-Wes visits and shadow guessing, 6-Pancake breakfast, 9-Olympic opening ceremonies,10-Rudy Rusesill music.  [/emember_protected]