Glenhaven Happenings – 1-17-2018

Our week started off with Catholic Communion on Sunday morning, and a movie in the afternoon. It was also the start of National Pizza Week, so residents made homemade pizza on Thursday, and had it for their afternoon snack. From all reports, it was delicious.

[emember_protected] The place looks bare after the Christmas decorations came down on Monday. But the Valentine’s will soon take over!

Holy Cross was here on Tuesday for church, and again on Wednesday for Bingo. Thank you to Pastor Jonathan, Marian, Becky, Betsy, and Doris.

Live to be Healthy was on Tuesday after church, and in the afternoon the grade school Student Council came and played games with the residents, and also brought along some of their artwork for the residents. They now have snowflakes to adorn their doors and rooms.

Friday was popcorn day and Father John was here for Catholic Mass. In the afternoon, the residents tried their hand at making snowflakes. They turned out beautiful, even though some of them were a bit skeptical about the project. They will brighten up these long winter days.

Some of us got quite excited about a large white owl that appeared in the trees to the north on Friday. How I wish we would have had a pair of binoculars handy! Bev Thompson said she has seen one around here before.

Saturday Rudy Rudesill was here to entertain. It was also peach melba day, which we are going to make at baking club next week.

Visitors this week:  Bill Bosshart was visited by Jean Bosshart, Orland Bygd, Shanna, Joel, Sophie & Tiff; Doris Herdahl was visited by JoAnne & John Schroeder, Doug Herdahl, and Bill & Margie Wiseman; Delaney Mattison was visited by Brian & Trudy Mattison;  Ardys Mounce was visited by Ila Gillis and Dorothy Magnuson; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom and Bob Miller; Mary & Ernie Kiekhoefer were visited by Peggy Raymond and Vern Waxon; Gladys Best was visited by Pat Murtha; Nancy Berends was visited by Jim & Peg Murtha and Marlene Kerr; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Marlene Kerr; and Rosella Maes was visited by Marlene Kerr.

Upcoming Highlights: Jan. 14-Christ the King church and the Menonite Singers; 16-Forest Immanuel Lutheran church; 17-Popeye’s Birthday; 19-National Hat Day; 20-Dale Martel Music; 21st-Activity Professional’s Week; 23-Church with Boyceville Methodist; 24-National Peanut Butter Day, Bingo; 25-Clothes Clashing Day; 27-Steve Szydel Music. [/emember_protected]