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Council appoints two new Library board members

GLENWOOD CITY — The City Council appointed two new members to the local Library Board at its regular monthly meeting on January 15th. They also heard an update on the new city well. The council breezed through their agenda in just 17 minutes.

Mayor John Larson recommended that Craig Anderson and Angela Williams be appointed to the Library Board to replace two members who resigned last month. The Council quickly agreed with the appointments.

Earlier in the meeting council member Nancy Hover reported that the Library Board was interviewing for a new head Librarian to replace Marilyn Blumer who also resigned last month.

Hover stated that the Library is “moving right along and is staying open.”

In another matter before the City, Mayor Larson questioned Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation about the report to the Department of Natural Resources about the City’s Waste Water Treatment plant and Oium noted that he had received an email indicating that the report was accepted.

Larson also questioned Oium about plans for improvements at the facility and Oium said that they would have information ready for the Council at next month’s meeting. He noted that funding opportunities would also be addressed.

Oium also presented the council with a pay request from Springlake Contracting for work done on the new well. This is the fourth pay request and is in the amount of $77,700.27.

The council heard from Public Works director Dave Caress who noted that the frost is down 52 inches in the street and that several local residents have been told to keep the water running at their homes so the pipes do not freeze. He also informed the council that trailers in the local mobile home park experienced frozen water pipes under their homes.

And, finally the council approved an operator’s license for Alyssa A. Harrington.