Nomination papers returned for local offices

Nomination papers were due last week for the April Election for offices on local boards and city council.

In the City of Glenwood City, only incumbents filed for re-election. Those who filed are John E. Larson for mayor and the three incumbent council members, Peter Gaustad, Ken Peterson and Steven Lee have filed nomination papers for the two-year terms.

The other three members of the City Council are: Nancy Hover, Terry Klinger and Ben DeGross. Their terms will expire next year.

In the Village of Boyceville, only two of the three open seats have candidates and they are incumbents, Keith Sorensen and Jonathan Farrell. The other open seat on the village board, is held by John Hellmann. Hellmann has chosen not to run for another term.

Other members of the village board included Bud Gilbertson, Mary Lagerstrom, Brad Stevens and Village President Gilbert Krueger. Their terms of office will expire next year.

Three people have filed letters of intent for the two open seats on the Glenwood City School Board are: Judy Achterhof, Chuck Draxler and Lisa D. Logghe. Achterhof and Draxler are the incumbents with Draxler having been appointed to fill the term, of Dr. C. W. Rasmussen, who resigned last year. The term of office on the school board is for three years. Other members of the Glenwood City school board are: Lisa Kaiser, John Logghe, Jon Mrdutt, Lori Klinger, and Tryn Gross.

In the Boyceville School District, only incumbents have filed for re-election to the school board and they are Peter Score and Erik Evenson. Their term of office is for three years. Other members on the Boyceville are: Tim Sempf, Steve Bird and Jeremy Mittlestadt.