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Rockpile – 12-20-2018

We had our first “300” game bowled here last week on the Hometown Men’s League. Brent Standaert rolled a perfect 300 game last Tuesday night.

Standaert, who sports a 214 average on this league, had never bowled a perfect game in his 20 some years of bowling here at the “Rockpile”. Brent bowls on Obermueller Trucking. Great bowling, son!!!

Dave Brandt, who also bowls on the Obermueller team, bowled a 711 series the same night. Congrats!!’

Penny Johanson picked up the very tough 6-7 split last week on the Wednesday Afternoon league.

On the Sunday Nite Mixed League, Out-4-Fun took first half honors, while on the Wednesday Nite Ladies league, the M&M gals clinched the first half.

And finally the Kuehl’s Bar & Grill girls snuck by OB Trucking by a slim 1.5 points. Congrats to all the Winners.

Remember, we will be having our Christmas Team Tournament starting December 22 and running till December 30. There are still a few spots available.


Back When

• 1955 Song of the Day: “Sixteen Tons” – Tennessee Ernie Ford

• 1963 Song of the Day: “Love’s Gonna Live Here” – Buck Owens

• 1971 Song of the Day: “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” – Charley Pride

• 1979 Song of the Day: “Happy Birthday Darlin’ ” – Conway Twitty

• 1987 Song of the Day: “The Last One to Know” – Reba


• This week is Bake Cookies Week!

• 1719 – Thomas Fleet published “Mother Goose’s Melodies for Children”.

• 1917 – The U.S. passed the 18th Amendment, prohibiting alcohol.(It was repealed in 1933)

• 1932 – The Chicago bears defeated the Portsmouth Spartans 9-0 in the first ever NFL Championship game.

• 1957 – The movie, “The Bridge Over the River Kwai” premiered in New York City.

• 1995 – Houston police warned residents that a con man already had sold “$25,000 worth of water that he claimed astronauts brought back from the moon!

Christmas Tradition

When four of Santa’s elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.

Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.

Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drunk all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang, and an irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

The angel said very cheerfully, “Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn’t this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?”

And thus began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Religious Rockpile Readers of the Week
Kyle Wheeler of Glenwood City, Wisconsin.

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