Rockpile – 11-28-2017

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!! Well, it’s back to bowling for about a month until the Christmas Break.

We had several nice bucks registered on our buck board. Mark Maes took 1st place with a dandy 10 point buck with a 21.5 in spread.

Jon Standaert placed 2nd with his 9 point buck with a 17.5 inch spread. Some nice deer were harvested this year. Thanks for all the participants.

The Packers looked a lot better Sunday Nite but our defense needs some improvement. We’ll see what happens down the road!!!

Back When

• 1953 Song of the Day: “There Stands The Glass” – Webb Pierce

• 1955 Song of the Day: “Sixteen Tons” – Tennessee Ernie Ford

• 1970 Song of the Day: “Fifteen Years Ago” – Conway Twitty

• 1971 Song of the Day: “Daddy Frank” – Merle Haggard

• 1980 Song of the Day: “Lady” – Kenny Rogers


• 1940 – Woody Woodpecker made his debut in a cartoon called “Knock Knock”.

• 1949 – “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” hit the musical chart.

• 1957 – President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered a mild stroke.

• 1973 – The U.S. maximum speed limits were reduced to 55 mph.

• 1956 – The TV show “The Price is Right” debuted as a Daytime TV show.

• 1826 – The friction match was invented (strike anywhere).

• 1939 – History’s oldest cat, Puss, died one day after his 36th birthday.

Deer ja vu

Two deer hunters hired a pilot to take them way back into the mountains. After the hunt, the pilot returned and saw that they shot six deer.

“The plane won’t carry six deer, you’ll have to leave two of them,” said the pilot.

Unwilling to leave their deer, the hunters said, “We got six on the plane last year.”

The pilot gave in, and just five minutes after takeoff the plane crashed into the forest.

Lucky to be alive, one of the hunters asked, “Any idea where we are?”

The second hunter said, “Yeah, right about where our plane went down last year.”

Short Season

This one goes out to my brother, Harry Standaert

On the first day of the deer hunting season, a hunter fell out of a tree stand and broke both his legs.

“Why couldn’t this happen on my last day of hunting?!” the hunter cried to the doctor.

“It did,” the doctor replied.

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