Glenhaven Campus News – 11-29-2017

Glenhaven Campus News
Nov. 19-25

We got a start on some holiday baking this week. The residents made pizzelles on Monday, which we hadn’t tried before. They were very good, and not that hard to make. Irene Schmidt was good enough to donate a pizzelle maker to us. It was the first in a long list of things we want to get done for Christmas and New Years.

[emember_protected] Tuesday was very busy, starting with church with Pastor Dahm from Forest Immanual Lutheran, followed by Live to be Healthy. In the afternoon residents played dominoes, and Carol Schmidt came with 4 of her dogs to do tricks for us. She had a puppy only a few weeks old with her, which the residents took turns holding. They loved it! She will be back at Christmas time. Thanks, Carol.

Beauty shop and Bingo took up most of Wednesday. We also set things up for guests on Thursday. Many family members came to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with their loved ones. By all reports, the food was great! The Waltons’ Thanksgiving movie was set up for residents in the lobby for Thursday afternoon.

Friday was popcorn day, and in the afternoon, residents played a game of Uno. Our big winner was Doris Herdahl.

Saturday afternoon Rich Schroeder was here to entertain.

Visitors this week: Rosella Maes was visited by Marlene Kerr and Janet & Duane Christianson; Doris Herdahl was visited by Ruth Neumann, JoAnne Schroeder, and Doug & Linda Herdahl; Teresa Miller was visited by Bob Miller and Tom & Mary Miller; Gilbert and Ardys Mounce were visited by Eugene Geiger, Shannon Mounce & Kade, Chris Jensen, Mike & Sali Mounce, and Dorothy Magnuson; Bill Bosshart was visited by Jackie & Don Goodell, Shan & Sophie Stevens, Jean Bosshart, Rene Turchany and DG; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Janet & Duane Christianson; Claude Williams was visited by Cindy Williams and Shannon Williams; Gladys Best was visited by Dorothy Magnuson; Lloyd Holten was visted by Pam, Vicky, Mark, Deshantee and Deveyon; Ruth Huber was visited by Vonnie Schultz and Mike & Sali Mounce.

Upcoming highlights: 28th- we welcome a new Minister, Shannon Mattison, from Boyceville Methodist for 10:15 services and Jane and Friends sing at 2:00; 29th-St. John’s Bingo; 30th-Christmas decorating; Dec. 2nd-Jim Ehlers Music; 3rd-Care Tree Lighting at 3:45; 7th-Forest Methodist Bingo; 9th-Connorsville Comets 4-H caroling; 10th-Forest Timberwolves 4-H will be decorating cookie and playing Bingo; 11th-Girl Scouts caroling; 12th-CT and the Heuts at 6:30. [/emember_protected]