Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 11-8-2017

Glenhaven News Oct. 29-Nov. 4

We had another very busy week.

The baking club was at it again, this time making treats for their Halloween party on Tuesday.

We played Right-Left-Center at our Halloween party, and Maxine Timm was our big winner. It looked like the men, Ernie and Claude were going to be, but Maxine came through at the end.The ghosts and goblins were out in full force, as we had about 100 trick or treaters that evening. There was everything you could imagine for costumes. We have some very creative kids in our town. We had parents and pets dressed up also.The residents were all decked out as well as the kids, and some of them ate just as much candy, too!  Claude made a great looking scarecrow.  Thanks to all the families who came to the Glenhaven Campus. The residents and tenants love it!

The next two days were Bingo and Live to be Healthy exercises, as well as preparation for the Auxiliary’s Fall Bake Sale. Wednesday was making the turnovers, followed by frosting turnovers on Thursday morning. Some of the residents helped the Auxiliary with the turnovers. The Auxiliary ladies spent several hours on Thursday making lefse for the sale. It’s a big job, but always turns out delicious. The residents got some samples with their lunch.

Friday’s bake sale was a huge success. We had many people stop in and have coffee and visit with friends . What a nice day! The lefse and turnovers were again the hot items for the day, and Judy baked up some humungous cinnamon rolls-you could feed a small family with just one! Thanks to all who came and shopped and to those who donated their time and talents to make it a success.

Saturday Scott Beaumont will be here for music in the afternoon.

Visitors this week: Rosella Maes was visited by Marlene Kerr;  Virginia Engebretson was visited by Alice Tuttle and Judy Bygd; Margaret Standaert was visited by Gary Klinger; Doris Herdahl was visited by Doug and Linda Herdahl, Ruth and Willie Neumann, JoAnne Schroeder, Delores Brezina, and Ruth Newville; Teresa Miller was visited by Bob, Mary and Tom Miller, Roger and Susie Miller;  Mary Larsen was visited by George Radtke and Diane Klatt ; Emma Korbel was visited by Judy Hybben; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Kate Koosmann, Barb Standaert and Marlene Kerr; Gladys Best was visited by Dorothy Magnuson; Gilbert and Ardys Mounce were visited by Eugene Hanson, Dorothy Magnuson, Rachel and Myla Bravo, Shannon Mounce and Kade, Philip Mounce, Karen Hansen, and David Schroeder; Dorothy Troolines was visited by Ken and Debby Parker, Herb and Lynn Luks, Ruth L. and Megan R.

Upcoming highlights: Bingo with Immanuel Lutheran- 5th, Waffle breakfast – 7th, Holy Cross Bingo -8th,Catholic  Mass and Veteran’s Day visitors-10th, Christ the King and Menonite singers-12th, Holy Cross Church and CT & the Heuts-14th, American Legion Bingo-15th.