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Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 11-1-2017

Glenhaven News Oct. 22-28

Grace Baptist started out our week by holding church services on Sunday afternoon.

The Monday afternoon baking club was busy again peeling apples and making apple cake with caramel topping for the monthly birthday party on Tuesday. We also finished cleaning out our garden that afternoon, and ended up with a lot of nice squash and carrots. Several residents got their hands good and dirty washing carrots.

We had witchingly entertaining music on Tuesday, as Jane and Friends came all decked out for Halloween. A nice crowd came to sing along and wish our three October birthday people-Olga Waters, Robert Peterson, and Eugene Cline- a Happy Birthday. Everyone enjoyed the delicious dessert made by the baking club after singing.

Steve Schmidt generously donated three large bags of apples on Tuesday afternoon, so Wednesday the baking club ladies helped peel and cut up apples to be used for pies and apple turnovers for our upcoming bake sale. We promised them they will get some apple pie, too! Thanks, Steve for sharing your produce with us. Steve also brought in a very large pumpkin that we have in the lobby. You can stop in and guess the weight if you would like to get into the contest.St. John’s had a good crew to help with Bingo on Wednesday. Thank you Shirley, JoAnn, Lucille and Lorraine. The residents had a great time with you guys.

Thursday morning started off with exercises with Live to be Healthy. Then in the afternoon staff and residents got together to carve and decorate six big pumpkins. We had lots of silly faces and even a bat pumpkin made by Maxine Timm and staff member Nicole. While we were doing that resident shared memories of when they were kids and when they had kids, and what their traditions were. It was great to hear them and it gave others ideas to do with their families also. 

Every Friday here at Glenhaven you can smell the fresh popped popcorn throughout the whole building. That is what took place Friday morning, residents always enjoy and remind us its “popcorn Friday”. Later in the afternoon baking club got together and made Dutch apple pies for the bake sale that will be coming up next week already. 

In the afternoon on Saturday Blue Sky Musicians came to Glenhven and put on a great performance as usual. The residents always seem to enjoy them and look forward to them coming back every other month. Thank you for coming and providing some great entertainment for everyone!

Visitors this week: Delaney Mattison was visited by Alan and Nancy Filipia; Gilbert Mounce was visited by Rachel and Myla Bravo; Teresa Miller was visited by Bob Miller; Lloyd Holten was visited Pam, Vicky, and Mark; Virginai Engebretson was visited by Alice Tuttle; Doris Herdahl was visited by Delores Brezina, Ruth Schutts, JoAnne Schroeder, Ruth Neumann, and Doug Herdahl.

Upcoming Highlights: Oct 30th- making treats for the Halloween party; Oct 31st- residents Halloween party and trick or treating from 3:30-5:30; Nov 3rd- Bake sale from 9am-1pm; Nov 4th- Scott Beaumont performing