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Glenhaven Happenings – 9-25-2017

Glenhaven News Sept. 17-23

The baking club was busy again on Monday, and since it was National Butterscotch Pudding Day, it was decided to make a butterscotch dessert for the monthly birthday party on Tuesday. It was a wise choice, as it turned out delicious.

Pastor Dahm was here on Tuesday morning for church, and Jane and Friends took us back to the fifties in the afternoon, poodle skirt and all. They even sang the song “Kissin and a-Huggin with Fred”. (At least I think that’s the name of the song) . I wonder who “Fred” is? We celebrated five birthdays this month.

Bev Thompson seemed to have the magic touch with Bingo on Wednesday.

Judy from dietary recreated the “Long Branch Saloon” on Wednesday for Havenwood and Grand Oaks, and on Thursday for Glenhaven, in celebration of “Gunsmoke”. It was complete with a beer barrel, saddle, lasso, bear skin rug, nerf guns and targets, and of course whiskey and sasparilla. Residents tried their hand at shooting targets, and answering trivia questions about “Gunsmoke”. There were only a couple of questions they couldn’t answer-the main street’s name in Dodge City, and Festus’ donkey’s name. Mary Kiekhoefer did great at the trivia questions. She even knew that Peter Graves from Mission Impossible was a brother to Marshal Dillon. It was great time! Thank you, Judy.

Due to the extreme heat on Friday, we changed our plans a little, and took the residents out in the morning instead of the afternoon, and went to the bison farm south of Baldwin, and then to the Amish greenhouse north of Baldwin for mum plants. We are rescheduling our trip to see the zebras for two weeks from now.

On Saturday, Steven Szydel will be here to entertain at 2:00.

Upcoming highlights: St. John’s Bingo on Wed., Quentin Kase & the Bellringers on Thursday, our annual Auxiliary Fall Luncheon and Raffle on Friday from 11-1, and Rich Schroeder music on Saturday.

Visitors this week: Rosella Maes was visited by Janet and Duane Christianson; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Janet and Duane Christianson; Virginia Engebretson was visited by Alice Tuttle, Margaret Standaert was visited by Mark Klinger, Sharlene Korsbon, Gary Klinger and Janet and Duane Christianson; Doris Herdahl was visited by Doug Herdahl, Ruth Neumann, JoAnne Schroeder and Margie Wiseman; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom and Mary Miller, Bob Miller, Runt Miller, Jean VanDoorn, and Joan Hutton; Delaney Mattison was visited by Nancy Filipia.