Glenhaven Happenings – 9-13-2017

For the week of Sept. 3-8

This was a busy week at Glenhaven, with preparations for Rustic Lore Days along with our normal schedules. 

[emember_protected] Tuesday we had our monthly “special breakfast”. The activity staff was out of bed early that day to come in and make waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. Then the residents had “Live to be Healthy” exercises to wear them off!  We started making some fall decorations for the bulletin boards that day also.

Wednesday was busy with beauty shop in the morning as well as Resident Council, which was well attended. We went over the highlights for the month of September, and asked for suggestions for other activities. It is also a time to bring up any problems they may be having with any and all departments. Outside time was schedule for the afternoon, but was a cold day, so they worked some more on fall decorations.

Thursday’s lunch was the  trout that the residents caught last week. They caught over 50 fish in about an hour and a half. It was a great time, and a beautiful day for fishing. The helpers could hardly keep up with taking the fish hooks out of the fish, as they seemed to devour every worm. It was debatable who caught the largest one, since we took them in to be cleaned a few at a time. But we definitely have some good fishermen and women here at Glenhaven.

Bingo was on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday, and was hosted by the Forest Methodist church. Pastor Hazen did the calling, and was helped by the Peterson crew-Dennis, Joyce, and Tracey, who did a great job!  

Friday morning was Catholic Mass with Father John, which was followed by popcorn time. In the afternoon residents worked on the scarecrow project, and several residents went downtown for supper at the bank’s kick-off celebration. We also brought back food for some of them.

Saturday will be open house here, and we hope to see a lot of old classmates wandering through the facility. We’ll be having refreshments and tours of the building, as well as entertainment from 10-12 by the alumni band. Can’t wait to hear them!

Visitors this week: Rosella Maes was visited by Marlene Kerr; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Marlene Kerr; Virginia Engebretson was visited by Monty and Judy Bygd and Alice Tuttle; Margaret Standaert was visited by Mark Klinger, Sharlene Korsbon and Marlene Kerr; Doris Herdahl was visited by Doug and Linda Herdahl, Ruth Neumann, Sharon and Bob Knudson, and JoAnne Schroeder; Steve Zurn was visited by Sandy Cormican and Kimberly Lovett; Gladys Best was visited by Jeanne VanDorn, Joan Hutton and Jim and Peggy Murtha; Teresa Miller was visited by Jeanne VanDorn and Joan Hutton.

Highlights for next week are: Rustic Lore Parade, Menonite Singers, Patriot’s Day, Holy Cross Church and Bingo, Chocolate Shake Day, CT and the Heuts, Grasshoppers, and music with Rudy Rudesill. [/emember_protected]