Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-29-2017

News for the week of March 19th to the 25th:

We are in week two of having a “healthy” building again. Hopefully the nasty flu bug is done for the year!!

We began the week with poems and stories from Leona. We always enjoy it when she visits.  

Monday morning found the Green Leaf Crafters finishing up our Easter decorations. Many took the cute bunnies back to their rooms and apartments to hang on their doors. Meanwhile the men enjoyed a lively game of Noodles and Balls. In the end, we think that the Noodles may have come out the winner this time! The afternoon found some of the ladies in the East Kitchen whipping up a batch of Peanut Butter cookies. They smelled so good as they baked and disappeared quickly after coming out of the oven! Meanwhile it was Cribbage and Cocktails in the Square. 

Tuesday morning activities included a turtle named Tommy and some bean bags. Add some residents and it makes for an hour of bean bag tossing fun. The object of the game is to stick as many bean bags in the big points areas of Tommy’s shell. Marlys Christison came away the winner with the most points. The afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square. All went away with bags full of treats. With Michelle and Eileen here to help, the afternoon always goes smoothly. 

 Pastor Wik led us in our Wednesday morning church service. We appreciate him taking the time to come and share with us. The afternoon found many of the ladies in the Square getting primped and pampered. It was time for a nail trim and a fresh coat of paint. Many choose a light spring color this time.

The Green Leaf Crafters were back in action again Thursday morning. This time we worked on making pet pillows. When they were done, even some of us decided we wouldn’t mind taking a nap on one!  We will be selling them at our fall craft sale along with other craft and bake sale items. So save the date! Our Craft and Vendor sale will be held on Saturday, November 25th. Also, if you have something to sell, and would like to reserve table space, please give me a call. The afternoon was quite “puzzling” around here, as residents gathered to put together their favorite puzzles. It’s always fun as a group, if you don’t see a piece you need, someone else may find it!  It wasn’t long, and all the puzzles were completed. 

The Catholics gathered for our Friday morning rosary group led by Loretta. Later in the Square we held Gospel Sing a Long. We love picking out our favorite hymns to sing. Cathy, Bruce, Kathy and Veda led us in this hour of music and prayer. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

Next week will be a busy one here at the Big Yellow House. Our monthly breakfast club will meet.This month’s special breakfast will be Strawberry Crepes. Kathy Irwin will be here for a Sing a Long, and residents will be voting via absentee ballot for the all-important Spring Election.

Until Next Week, 
Barb Stobb, Activity Director