Rockpile – 3-15-2017

We had four fellas who came close to that “700” series last week. Mike Wink rolled a 696, Wado Standaert 685, Steve Bazille 685, and Dave Brandt 664. These were all bowled on the Hometown League.

Cindy Rassbach bowled a 224 game along with a 576 series on the Wednesday Nite Ladies League.

The leagues are winding down and some only have a couple more weeks to go. Many people are looking forward to green grass, golf or fishing. It just seems that winter has dragged on forever!!

Back When

• 1955 Song of the Day: “In The Jailhouse Now” – Webb Pierce

• 1972 Song of the Day: “My Hang Up Is You” – Freddie Hart

• 1974 Song of the Day: “There Won’t Be Anymore” – Charlie Rich

• 1983 Song of the Day: “The Rose” – Conway Twitty


• 1894 – Coca-Cola was bottled. Before it was only mixed at the soda fountain.

• 1961 – After giving him a two-week tryout, Gene Autry’s L.A. Angels dropped baseball player Charlie Pride during spring training in Palm Springs.

• 1980 – Willard Scott debuted as the new weatherman on NBC-TVs Today Show.

• 1969 – Levi Strauss started selling bell-bottomed jeans.

• March 17, 1977 – A baby girl, Jessica Lynn Standaert was born on St. Patrick’s Day. Proud parents are Larry and Cheryl Standaert of Glenwood City, Wisconsin. A 40th birthday party will be held at Leaker’s Place on Friday, March 17, 2017!!!

Ole & Sven

Ole and Sven were taking a vacation in Sven’s new camper. As usual they got lost and were wandering around a strange town trying to find the highway. Sven was just starting down a steep grade when he  slams on the brakes. 

Ole: “Vat da heck did ya do dat for??” 

Sven: “Vel, dat sign dere says: ‘Low Bridge, no vehicles over twelve feet high’. Dis here camper is thirteen feet high.”

Ole: “Cripes Almighty, Sven, dere ain’t no cops around here. Yust hit da gas pedal and go for it!”

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What do you like with your coffee….sugar??” Bee Boop!! 

The week’s Rockpile Readers of the Week: Rueben and Janet Dettmann of Glenwood City, Wisc.

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