Lady Bulldogs squash Hornets, split final conference contests

By Cara L. Dempski

The Boyceville girls’ basketball squad had an opportunity not many other teams in the state have had at the end of the season: the Bulldogs met their first-round regional opponent a little over a week before playing them in the first tournament game.

Boyceville hosted the Cadott Hornets Monday, February 13 in a non-conference game and won easily by a score of 71-19. The fifth-seeded Bulldogs and 12th-seeded Hornets met again at Boyceville High School last evening, February 21 for a WIAA Division 4 regional quarterfinal contest. If Boyceville wins its second match-up with Cadott, it will advance to the regional semifinal to play Osseo-Fairchild in Osseo this Friday, February 24. The regional championship is Saturday, February 25.

Boyceville held another home game last week as it welcomed conference co-leader Durand to the Dog House Thursday, February 16. Both teams participated in Boyceville’s annual Coaches vs. Cancer contest, which raises money for the American Cancer Society via a raffle, three-point/half-court shooting contest, t-shirt sales, bean-bag tosses, a silent auction, and a “Dash for Cash.”

The Panthers and Bulldogs, and their fans, joined in the fun while watching Durand pick up a 52-40 win and a share of the 2016-17 Dunn-St. Croix girls’ title along with Elk Mound.

The Bulldogs ended their conference and regular seasons the following evening with a contest against Elmwood/Plum City played in Plum City. The local ladies made short work of the Wolves, winning the Friday, February game, 60-35.

Boyceville is currently 13-8 overall and finished fourth in this season’s final Dunn-St. Croix standings with an 8-6 mark. 


The Boyceville girls’ head coach, Jolene Bird, said her team will need to shake off its home loss to Durand if it wants to top the Hornets again on February 21.

“We had them (Cadott) here on Monday night, and we know they’ll bring a different team,” Bird expressed. “We need to be ready to play, and the girls need to understand you can’t walk into the game bringing last week into the next week.”

While the Lady Bulldogs had no difficulty copping a 70-19 win against Cadott on February 13, she feels it would be unwise to assume the Boyceville squad will see the same game out of the Hornets in the tournament.

Boyceville held a 45-13 lead at halftime and tacked on another 25 points in the second half, scoring over four times as many baskets as the Hornets in the closing 18 minutes of the game.

Senior Madysn Riek led Boyceville’s effort against Cadott with a game-high 27 points, which is 21 points more than the Cadott’s highest-scoring player, Sadie Huy. Riek’s classmates Brooklyn Hellmann and Emma Harnisch tied with 10 points each against the Hornets.

Brooklyn Booth earned nine points, Morgan Kuhn logged seven, Cassie Malean picked up four, and Rachel Prestrud logged three.

Cadott……………………………….13   6 — 19
Boyceville…………………………45  25 — 70


Cadott (7-2-16-19) J. Sedlacek 1-0-2-2, C. Rineck 0-0-1-0, M. Prokupek 1-0-1-2, A. Eiler 0-0-3-0, J. Sonnentag 1-0-2-5, K. Tice 1-0-0-2, S. Huy 2-2-1-6, K. Petrie 0-0-3-0, K. Poehls 1-0-3-2.

Boyceville (22-14-12-70) R. Prestrud, B. Booth 1-1-1-9, C. Malean 1-2-0-4, M. Kuhn 1-2-3-7, M. Riek 10-7-1-27, E. Harnisch 5-0-3-10, H. Johnson 0-0-1-0, B. Hellmann 3-1-2-10.

THREE-POINTERS C — J. Sonnentag 1; B — B. Booth 2, M. Kuhn 1, B. Hellmann 1.


If Boyceville beats Cadott a second time and can get past the Osseo-Fairchild squad on February 24, they will likely have their second try at the number-one seeded Durand Panthers for a second time in eight days in the regional championship on February 25.

Should the Lady Bulldogs make it to the February 25 game – and face Durand again – they will need to be “on” and attentive to the Panthers’ every move during every second on the floor. They were not able to do that for a total of 3:30 in their February 16 match-up against Durand, and it cost them the game with a score of 52-40.

“Barring about a minute and a half before halftime and two minutes at the start of the second half, I thought we had a shot (at beating Durand),” Coach Bird said. “But our whole goal now is that we hopefully get to meet them again next Saturday.”

The Bulldogs initially led the game before the Panthers tied the match at nine with 10:56 to go in the first. A Panther bucket at the 10:30 mark put them ahead 11-9. Boyceville tied the game up again at 19 with a little over a minute before halftime, but a series of fast-break buckets lifted the Durand squad to a 26-19 score at the half.

Boyceville came out sluggish in the opening two minutes of the second half, allowing Durand to run up a 17-point lead before the Bulldogs could find the net at 14:32 to make the score 36-21. The Panthers led by 20 points with 9:38 to play, but Boyceville’s shots started to fall with greater regularity, and they slowly started to narrow the gap.

In the end, the Dogs ran out of time before they ran out of energy, and the final buzzer sounded on a loss for the Boyceville squad.

Riek again led the Bulldogs, this time with 10 points. Malean and Harnisch tied with nine each, Morgan Kuhn scored seven, Booth earned three, and Prestrud scored two points.

Durand’s Ambree Schlosser led the game with 18 points.

Durand……………………………..26  26 — 52
Boyceville…………………………19  21 — 40


Durand (12-16-12-52) R. Prissel 0-0-1-0, A. Schlosser 1-1-1-3, S. Baier 1-1-2-3, H. Prissel 1-0-0-2, E. Hansen 2-2-2-6, E. Annis 4-5-3-16, B. Hass 1-5-3-7.

Boyceville (11-6-19-40) R. Prestrud 0-2-2-2, B. Booth 0-0-2-3, C. Malean 2-2-2-9, M. Kuhn 2-0-4-7, M. Riek 3-1-3-10, E. Harnisch 4-1-4-9, B. Hellmann 0-0-2-0.

THREE-POINTERS D — A. Schlosser 3, E. Annis 1; B — B. Booth 1, C. Malean 1, M. Kuhn 1, M. Riek 1.

Elmwood/Plum City 

The Bulldogs played out a February 17 dog fight with the Elmwood/Plum City Wolves and came away with a 60-35 win to put an exclamation point on their DSC season and head into regional play with some positive energy.

Boyceville appeared slow to start, earning only 18 points in the opening half and leading the Wolves by seven in the second half. They appear to have stepped up their game in the final half, though, as the Bulldogs added another 42 points to their score for the win.

Elmwood could only tack another 24 points onto the 11 earned in the first half, to end the game trailing by 25 points.

Madysn Riek earned the game’s highest score with 14 points, while Brooklyn Hellmann contributed 13, and Morgan Kuhn added 12. Cassie Malean scored seven points, Emma Harnisch and Brooklyn Booth tied with five each, and Rachel Prestrud earned four.

Josalin Helmueller earned eight points for the Wolves as Elmwood/Plum City’s highest-scoring player.

Boyceville…………………………18  42 — 60
Elmwood/Plum City……………11  24 — 35


Boyceville (16-10-12-60) R. Prestrud 2-0-2-4, B. Booth 1-0-1-5, C. Malean 1-2-1-7, M. Kuhn 5-2-1-12, M. Riek 4-3-2-14, E. Harnisch 2-1-3-5, B. Hellmann 1-2-2-13.

Elmwood/Plum City (11-7-13-35) A. Peterson 0-0-2-3, K. Sabelko 1-0-4-2, T. Whipple 0-0-1-0, K. Broeckert 0-0-1-0, R. Rupakes 0-0-0-3, K. Feuker 1-1-1-3, J. Helmueller 4-0-1-8, E. Funk 2-1-2-5, A. Glampe 1-3-0-5, H. Feuker 2-2-1-6. 

THREE-POINTERS B — B. Booth 1, C. Malean 1, M. Riek 1; EPC — A. Peterson 1, R. Rupakes 1.