Boyceville MS Science Olympiad edges Menomonie MS to win regional title

BOYCEVILLE – Boyceville’s Middle School Science Olympiad team edged Menomonie Middle School by two points to win the Regional Science Olympiad Team Championship this past weekend at the Regional Tournament at Boyceville Middle School.  Boyceville set a new school record low score for team points with 62, narrowly defeating Menomonie MS who scored 64 points.

Regional championship gold medals were earned by eighth graders Nathan Corr and Grace Edlin in Bottle Rockets, ninth graders Ana Evenson and Noelle Wheeldon in Fast Facts, ninth graders Cade Klefstad and Corr in Hovercraft, Cade Klefstad and eighth grader Brady Helland in Mission Possible, Corr and eighth grader Connor Sempf in Road Scholar, Cade Klefstad and Corr in Scrambler, Helland and Sempf in Towers, Cade Klefstad and Sempf in Wind Power, and Noelle Wheeldon and eighth grader Tanner Anderson in Time to Fly.

Silver medals were earned by Evenson and ninth grader Tyra Kostman in Disease Detectives, Helland and Noelle Wheeldon in Ecology, Evenson, Kostman, and seventh grader Shiloh Wheeldon in Experimental Design, Cade Klefstad and Sempf in Optics, and Corr and Sempf in Wright Stuff.  JV students who earned silver medals included seventh graders Cadence Kurr and Jenna Goodell in Crime Busters, seventh graders Elijah Farrell and Logan Windsor in Hovercraft, and seventh graders Brittany Buhr and Trent Peterson in Towers.  

Bronze medals were earned by Evenson and Noelle Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet, seventh grader Kayden Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in Invasive Species, Helland and Corr in Meteorology, and Edlin and Noelle Wheeldon in Rocks & Minerals.  JV students who earned bronze medals included Farrell and Windsor in Optics, seventh graders John Klefstad and Preston Coombs in Towers, and seventh graders Libby Bygd and Ella Holden in Wind Power.  

Fourth place medals were earned by Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in Food Science and (JV) John Klefstad and Coombs in Hovercraft.  

Fifth place ribbons were earned by Sempf and Kostman in Anatomy & Physiology, Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in Crime Busters, and (JV) seventh grader Oscar Wyss and Peterson in Hovercraft, seventh graders Madison Andrews and Lacota Brown in Towers, and Kurr and Goodell in Write It, Do It.  

Sixth place ribbons were earned by Edlin and Anderson in Reach for the Stars.  Seventh place ribbons were earned by JV team members Farrell and Windsor in Wright Stuff.

“Our kids had an awesome day on Saturday!” said Boyceville Science Olympiad head coach Andy Hamm.  “I am so proud of all of the efforts of all of our students as well as the volunteers who helped make this tournament possible.  We’ll keep working hard in preparation for the state tournament in April at UW-MIlwaukee.” 

Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi, and Steve Duerst.

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
MS Division (Div B)

1 Boyceville Varsity-Purple 62
2 Menomonie Maroon 64
3 Rice Lake 151
4 Medford 171
5 Menomonie White 172
6 Hudson Blue 188
7 Hudson White 196
8 Sparta STEM A 242
9 Sparta STEM B 244
10 Marshfield 274
11 Elk Mound A 282
12 Menomonie Gold 356
13 Stanley-Boyd A 378
14 Elk Mound B 399
15 New Richmond A 417
16 Spring Valley 418
17 Eleva Strum 420
17 Stanley-Boyd B 420
19 Boyceville JV-Blue 485
20 New Richmond B 493
21 Boyceville JV-Green 505
22 Boyceville JV-Red 511
23 Elk Mound C 522
24 Boyceville JV-Orange 525
25 Elmwood 598